There is no simple answer

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    How could he love you? Nobody has ever loved you like that. Nobody could want you back. You want him, but there's no way...

    It's impossible. He's playing you. Playing you for a fool, laughing at your every word, every time you say you love him, every time you say you want him.
    WHY ARE YOU SO BITTER? Why do you hate the world, Dakota?
    Why does every sadness, every dissapointment, ever let down turn into this awful, bitter, sarcastic loathing?
    Why is this the only way I can survive? Why is this my only escape from suicide?

    But then he says a word and it all goes away, and I smile.

    Goddamnit, I love him.

    Such duality... it would be easier to just hate everything.

    But I love him.

    Goddamn his bisexual furry arse, I love him.