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There is nothing left!!!!

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I am 41yrs old and have been living with my fiance for the past 3yrs, he has been very loving towards me but very controlling and jealious and since being with him i became totaly dependant on him, to cut a long story short, we were out last week and some people from our local bar were having a party, i asked him if we could go and he said no, but having had quite a few drinks i decided to tell him i was going anyway when i got home a couple of hours later he locked me out of the house and when he did finaly let me in he told me that we were over and that he was throwing me out, he has went offshore and says that he wants me out of his house by the time he gets home which is next friday, i have no family, no friends, no job, no money and no-where to go, i am desperate......i have been looking on the internet for 2 days now looking for the quickest and painless way to end it all, i have handed in my c.v to 30 jobs and no reply, the homeless wont help me as they say i still have somewhere to stay, i honestly dont know what to do, time is running out as he back in a week and the only way i can see is ending my life....


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Hi and welcome...I know it does not seem like that now, but maybe he is doing you a favor as he sounds awful...is there a local social service department near you? Tell them what is going to happen and have them start the paperwork...if you are in the US, they can do an emergency application so that you can speed the entitlements that you can get...also, did you try a temporary agency? Sometimes, they are quicker to hire than getting a full time job...sorry things look so rough right now...please continue to let us know how you are doing...welcome again
i honestly dont think i can start over again, i dont think its worth it and the thought of him being with someone else and never seeing him again is just killing me, i really, really dont want to live if he's not with me, i cant function without himm he was everything to me and now i am totaly on my own.


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I know first hand that there is a learning curve to be on one's own...when I broke up with my ex, I did not even know how to put gas in the car...I allowed him to do everything, and it took me much trial and error to learn...this is such an new insult, that it feels so awful...please give it time...J
i am very grateful indeed that you are replying to me, but time is not on my side, i have no other way out, i have nothing to keep me here and nothing to hold onto, i have lost everything, i have no-where to go and have nothing to live for and there is not one person on this planet that would miss me or even realise that i was gone!


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I'm so sorry to hear about the situation...your fiance sounds abusive and I believe you could file a report because they locked you out.
I live in scotland and there is nothing the law can do, i am staying in the house just now as he is away working but he is throwing me out when he returns in a week. i honestly cant see anyway out apart from ending it all together.


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I wish you a safe transition to life without your fiancé; here's to a ginormous welcome to SF from me! :welcome:


P.S. Do you have any idea what kind of job you can try applying for?


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You may be able to get an apartment on low income assistance. I have no idea how you love a man that is jealous and controlling. You say he is loving, but....... a man that is loving is going to trust you, and he is going to let you have friends, and have fun. Going to a bar, I can understand his problem with that, unless he is with you, but otherwise no.. Where is your family at? Do they live in another state? Maybe if they do, you could give them a call and explain the situation, maybe they would help. I can't even begin to imagine your parents not being there for you in a time of need like this.
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