There is nothing wrong with me love couldnt heal

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  1. isolatedandsad

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    Over the last 10 years I have watched my life fall apart, my child had cancer, my husband threw me, out divorced me, separated me from our children and property. After losing every asset I had, discovering that he even had liquidated my pension. He than left me with 350k of a tax debt, that I have no ability to pay, nor fight, . Than the home I was living in was foreclosed and I became homeless. I moved into a church members home to work for my room and board. Recently I broke off a sexual relationship with a priest, and reported it to the church. now again I am about to be homeless. The priest denied it and now I no longer go to church. The last few weeks I fell into a very deep depression. I have absolutely nothing to live for, and nobody to talk to...and no where to go.....
  2. It's hard to comment on this because I'm not going through what you are going through, but in your message you said your son as cancer? I'm not sure if he died or not but if he didn't then you have every right to still be alive, and god forbid if he passed, you still have everything to live for through your son. no one will know his smiles, his laugh his good times, his happiness and peace without you. its hard to deal with things that capture our attention in an evil or bad way, but if we keep our minds positive we can beat even the worst of offenses. Your husband doesn't know how valuable the queen he left behind, I am sure he will live in more sorrow and depression then you can imagine. I seen you are religious, So prayer is the best thing you can do for anything, that is all i will say about religion, i know how things word on this site. if you want to go into a more deeper conversation about religion then you can PM me. But continue to do what you can for you and your son. :) positive, you are on a mission to make it through this darkness. :)
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    Oh my! You are going through so much, I cannot imagine having to deal with all of that! Just know we're here to listen and keep talking if it helps :hug:
  4. scaryforest

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    homeless shelters? free counselling? they should advise where to find permanent housing and minimum wage jobs there so you can begin building your life up again.
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