there is nothing wrong with us god dammit(sorry to the religious)

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  1. anotherearthplease27

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    i hate the fact that a person with a mental challenge is treated like something is wrong with them...and there is not. we all go through challenges...personal, financial,etc..some people have a harder time with these challenges but that does not mean anything is wrong with just means they are human...sometimes more human than most. and we all need help...if we were perfect think how boring life would be.

    i would elaborate but going through my own challenges right now and do not have the energy...just tired of coming on here and seeing incredibly good people thinking there is something wrong with them.
  2. youRprecious!

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    I agree totally. There is nothing wrong with us - we are human beings going through trials and working stuff out. sometimes we hit brick walls. I know in my own case I hit far worse than a brick wall. But God was there for me even when I could not believe it, and He's shown me where my thinking had got diverted into rabbit holes. It still does when I don't take care to mind it and bring it back on track - it has only been through faith that this has been possible for me. And through the trials that perverted my judgement I can worship God more sincerely for being able to understand (eventually) the concept of saving grace and redemption.

    God is not a big ogre in the sky with a big stick, ready to pounce when we trip up - I know that is a concept that some can have, but it's not true, that is not his real character at all, just a caricature which keeps many from understanding that His power is for us and He is in love with us, as the pinnacle of his creation. :) (No apology needed actually.... :)
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