There is so much HOPE! Hold on!

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Happynow, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. Happynow

    Happynow Member

    I just joined this forum tonight...not because I am any longer suicidal, but I was there @13 years ago and would like to say there is HOPE. Please, please take it one day at a time and get help. I was depressed, anorexic (sp.?), and bulimic. I was put in a "behavioral" hospital for a month. I am new so this has probably been said SO many times before, but suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem! If I had carried through, I would not have been able to spend time with my beautiful 16 year old daughter, not have met my current husband, never have traveled the world like I have, never have seen my mom, dad and siblings again, never have walked on the beach again, never have gone skiing in Colorado again, etc. Those things are all SO special to me now. You all have things that will be special to you as for those even if it is one day at a time!

    You have got to get treatment if you are so depressed. I went into the rehab hospital against my will. When I came out, I saw the sky as bluer than I have ever seen and all the clouds in my life had gotten lighter. Don't get me was HARD work. It was SO worth it though. To be honest, once I adapted to being in the hospital (about a week), I prefered to be there. It was safe and I knew I was getting better.

    I was at one time where many of you were. I went to Home Depot in San Antonio, TX to buy rope/cord to hang myself. I did not follow through with my purchase. I always tried to keep an inkling of hope alive. Even if it is you would like one more Subway sandwich, one more time to see the ocean, one more time to see a full moon, one more time to see mom...whatever it is, keep your hope alive.

    Please, please respond back if you need an encouraging word or anything else that will help. You are special and if you are here you may need encouragement. I would love to try to help and guide you.

  2. urban_lily

    urban_lily Well-Known Member

    hi and welcome....thank you for the positive message :) I'm glad you managed to get the help you needed and recover, I think a lot of people could benefit from your experience (myself included probably!)

    :hug: ~X~
  3. Happynow

    Happynow Member

    Dear Urban, I am a long way away from you distance wise, but very close with how you feel...I think. Please stay in touch. Life is so worth living!

    Look for your inkling of hope, ok?

  4. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    hi happynow, i am glad that your life has been turned around for the better. i just recently moved to san antonio(2 months ago), idk, i guess i'm at my witts end. idk
    take care and stay safe.
  5. urban_lily

    urban_lily Well-Known Member

    I do try!
  6. Happynow

    Happynow Member

    jcat, try to enjoy San Antonio! Any city can be a very lonely place. It seems to take at least a year to feel somewhat at home. I probably liked San Antonio because I had moved from smaller cities in Texas (Midland and Amarillo) and felt like I had hit the big time! I am originally from Atlanta, GA and felt like the Texas cities were learning experiences...honestly a very good lesson. They were smaller and more friendly than Atlanta...and they have George Strait.

    As you probably read in my post, San Antonio is when I looked for rope...don't do that, ok?

    Take Care and stay in touch!

  7. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to the forum happynow. It is nice to hear from someone who has been there and been able to find their way back out. I am glad you have been successful. thank you for sharing with us. :hug:
  8. Puddytat

    Puddytat Well-Known Member

    :welcome: That was a lovely message and so true. hope it does help some ppl here!
  9. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    Welcome to the forum :hug:
  10. Light_In_The_Dark

    Light_In_The_Dark Well-Known Member

    Welcome! Its a real boost to have somebody to help who survived all this! Welcome and feel like home!
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