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There must be something other than "life".

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by ShadowFax, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. ShadowFax

    ShadowFax Member

    What if "life", "living" just isnt for you? There must be something else, surely. Why would there be only 1 option? To live? This world sucks. I dont know how so many people can live in ignorance. Think about all the horrible things going on in the world. Think about how we people ruin things and hurt each other and hurt animals and nature. Is anything worth that??? I cant think of anything.
    What is left after that? I feel like everyone should have the choice to say no to life. There's nothing "wrong" about it...

    Anyway, these are just some things ive been thinking lately. What do you all think?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Think about all the good in life you only hear the bad stuff because it sells news. Look at all the disasters happen and all the people who come together to help rebuild communities help with aide and care. Look at the people whosave the animals and their lands and make wild life reserves for older animals there is far more care in this world if you are listening you will see. The good does out do the bad You just are hearing the negatives because that is what sells the news
  3. Mat Voleido

    Mat Voleido Well-Known Member

    Well, I know when you're depressed you tend to see everything from a negative point of view.

    Being ignorant to lifes troubles =/= happiness.

    In fact, do I know that people are raped across the globe? Natural disasters kill good people for no reason? That bad things happen? Of course I do. But you can still be happy knowing this.

    If we drown in all the negative, and our lives exist only to be negative, how are we expected to improve anything? In fact, we are perpetuating part of the negativity we perceive all around us.

    A euphamism: If one keeps their chin up in deep waters, they'll stop drowning. Make a positive change and just enjoy yourself. Sure, the darkness seems overwhelming at times, but a small match with illuminate even the darkest of dark rooms.

    I'm sorry if that was terrible, but I'm just looking for ways to put it in the right way. You see how people hurt animals, and it hurts you right? Then, instead of dwelling on how bad it is, go out there and be part of a movement. Try to help animals. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Give your life some purpose. When people kill themselves, so much potential is lost, even if they don't see it. They had a chance to reach out and touch something, leave their fingerprints on something for a positive way, but never did.

    If you see injustice, then seek to end it. Then, you leave a world that's a bit better off than it was before. Then maybe, the generation that follows us will have a little bit more hope. And of course, you can have fun when you're doing all this, it's not all work. :hug:

    Edit: Agree with Violet 100%. News stories only publish the bad. They never publish "good" stuff. (Although, community newspapers often have some good stories). You'll hear a violent murder or death 100 times more than you'll hear anything nice.
  4. ShadowFax

    ShadowFax Member

    Of course I know there are "good" things in the world. But my point is that I think those good things cannot possibly be worth all the bad.
    I have thought about what you said Mat Voleido, about trying to use my life for good, trying to help the world etc. But its hard to see a point to it when in my mind I feel like the world is already doomed. Nothing will REALLY change. Its all very negative, but do I even have a choice anymore? I cant ignore these things, I think about them everyday. And it makes me unhappy. I feel selfish if I try and ignore it all and be "happy". I dont know how anyone can feel happy anymore. It sucks!!! I wish the world was a great place where no one did anything wrong and we could all be happy.
  5. Mat Voleido

    Mat Voleido Well-Known Member

    But sometimes, you can feel trapped in your mind. Just try and look from different perspectives you know? You can still do alot of good in the world. Even if the world was doomed, it's better to try and at least go out helping people. If we all laid down our lives and gave up, nothing would get better, you know?

    I wish for the same thing, trust me, we all do. It's easy to get bogged down in all the negativity. But try and think about the good ALONG with the bad, if you can't ignore the bad. Just remember there is some good in this world. SuicideForum is at least ONE good place you can go to, to talk right?

    I wish I could help more. If you EVER feel like talking, you can PM me or talk to me on Facebook or MSN, if you want details you can message me. If not, I'm fine with just talking in here.

    I hope you're alright, wherever you are :hug:
  6. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    You know... all of the smartest people in the world are miserable. It's because they think too much.
    Life is supposed to be about 'feeling' though, isn't it?
    You can only feel while you're alive-- so any experience; whether it's horrible or terrific, allows you to feel new things.

    < That is how I feel; but my over-thinking head tells me that everything sucks and it would be better not to feel at all because there is no point.

    ignorance is bliss
    If you want to be happy, you've got to overstep all of the miserable aspects of living, I think.
  7. davina

    davina New Member

    Shadowfax I understand completely. I've tried all the things that people say make you realize how amazing life is but they have all been nothing more than short term distractions. I can never get away from the underlying feeling that this isn't worth it.