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    Every single day I have struggled with depression and anxiety. I deal with social anxiety on top of that, and am a chubby transgender women, a pretty easy target for being made fun of. But the more and more I think about life and the journey we go on, the more I don't understand the value of being alive.

    Every good thing in life has something about it that's bad. And it's inevitable in life that we will have to face some troubles, so why bother living?
    I feel more and more like I'm trapped into being alive, like the only thing keeping me from killing myself is the thought of harming so many people that would be upset. I have a brother with Schizophrenia and if I killed myself it could be a huge detriment to his condition, and about half my family has one other mental illness.
    So why do we put up with it? I kind of need someone to tell me why we continue to live, because if we all know that at one point or another our lives are going to be miserable... why live?

    Here's a closing thought. In Matt Groening's fictional TV show Futurama, a suicide booth is shown on a sidewalk. 5 Cents and you can die. Oh if it were only that simple. Because I wish I could just cease to exist, without harming others. I wasn't born right, and I can't die right either.

    Well if you actually read this, cheers. I am not doing great right now. Kind of viewing suicide as a choice, with pros and cons. Maybe I'll post that list sometime.
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    Hi, welcome to the forum. You are no doubt suffering but going a complete life change and a way of living. It's nice to see that you care about your brother.

    Dealing with suicide is not nice for anyone and we all struggle in one way or another. You paraody about the booth is an interesting concept.

    We all struggle but we should try to live our life everyday. You are important and people are harsh to judge you on the outside and not the inside. You have to remain strong and deal with you life change on a day by day basis.

    Be strong, safe and prosper. Star Trek quote from the late Spock.
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    I think the reason we carry on is that weird thing called hope... at least it is for me... I've always been an optimist and it takes a lot to beat that down in me (though I think that might finally have happened)... but yeah... for me it's been hope.