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my head keeps telling me to do it! I must of searched the internet a thosand times looking for the best way to end it. Why wont my brain just stop thinking all these horrible thoughts. How do i cope with this? Ive been like this for 6 months constanly every moement of the day. I hate waking up in the morning, the only time i feel happy is when i sleep! I cant come to terms that this is happening to me that im deppressed, how the hell did this happen! I really dont know how much more i can take. Please give me ideas tips anything to get through?

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talking here helps posting how you are feeling so you know you are not alone you have people that do understand you. Talking to your therapist and see if there is a med to help you stop those thoughts some keep busy okay do anything that brings you some joy art listen to music etc


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It helps that you remember what you are going through is temporary…

You know you have the most supportive friends and family...

What’s actually happening to you physically will change. How you think and feel will also change. Who knows - what you are going through can be a learning experience. You may even have a deeper perception about life out of this…

Hang in there…

p.s. Have a look at the video clip below. It may be helpful...
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