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okay i just cant take enough anymore. I play Counter strike source and San Andreas Multiplayer 24/7 and people always scream insults at me. They call me a fag and they pwned me. I can never kill anyone on these games and theyre all better than me. i broke my first computer monitor because of their assaults against me. now this is my second monitor (LCD monitor btw). then when they shoot me in the head, they screeam "BOOOOM HEADSHOT". sometimes i feel like putting an m-16 to my head and pulling the trigger. why are people on the internet so rude??:sad:
Isn't that all part of the game? I mean, if you're shot in the head by an opposing side in a role playing game then they would be happy and it's normal for them to throw insults, try to take it on the chin. If you think their behaviour is extreme prehaps you could report them to maybe a moderator on the game, if they have a moderator type person I know some games have.
its not that simple. sometimes the mods are just as immature as the players and say "grow up its just a game". u know they wouldnt like it if i called them a fag or a nerd, now would they? they wouldnt like it if i found their address and made a visit to them and get my revenge.


Guy's have a history of being immature, anything that bolsters their flagging self esteem and small dicks, we get them here trolling, stick to single player from now on.
i used to play CS also man i know what you mean there just assholes with no lives that probally get made fun of in the real world, and nerds, and probally that game is the only life they have.


who the hell cares what a bunch of introverted idiots with no life say to you?

It takes a greater man/woman to make a kill and say nothing. Immaturity is the root of it all


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All I got to say is if a little tough talk gets you worked up so much then it sounds no different to me. Best this roll your eyes, get off the internet, and find a dream to pursue that you enjoy and can excell in. Then you'll begin to see your value and those arrogant words will bounce right off. After all one can feel sorry for themselves or they can brush themselves and sit behind a computer screen all day or they can bursh themselves off and make something better of themselves than the losers on the other end.



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Many people on the internet, especially on multiplayer games and some forums can be extremely rude and immature.

I've never played any multiplayer games but I always hear of Counterstrike being full of immature 13 year olds, always screaming insults to others to make themselves feel strong, even though they are complete pathetic morons. I hear it everywhere with CS being one of the worst mulitplayer games to play with the most immature teenagers around there.

I am surprised and shocked that you broke your monitor however, there's no need to get that angry, although I am actually extremely sensitive as well, even the slightest insult can leave me very depressed and upset so I know how you feel.

I've only tried a little bit of multiplayer games such as me playing Ragnarok Online but for only half an hour and some people would keep following me in the game and saying things like "penis" over and over again, what immature morons all of them. I also suck at multiplayer games, I always end up playing against some people with years of experience in the game so yeah....

I just always play single player games, like em a lot more. :biggrin:

I wish the people in multiplayer games could be more mature like the guys and gals here.


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Hey dude, I paly Counter-Strike: Source too, as well as many otehr online games. I dunno what esle to say other than: It's not personal.

When I'm playing a shooting game and I get somebody I'll taunt them over my mic or type something. It's just fun for me. But LATELY I've been acting more happy on those games towards people because if you say "I kicked your ass :)"
that little smiley lets them know your being a good sport about it. People take things the wrong way cuz you can't show mood from typing. Or they are complete ass-hats.

Who cares, they obviously take the game too seriously if they have to yell at somebody.

So, don't blow your head off. It'll hurt :tongue: instead, stick around, and talk to us some more.


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Mute your mic then you wont hear what other people are saying.

Some people can be very nasty on the internet.

{{{hugs}}} to you x


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Lou said:
Some people can be very nasty on the internet.
Amen to THAT!!!
Yeah, many people on the internet like to torture and hurt other people's feelings to make themselves feel more powerful and know that probably nothing will happen since they are behind the safety of a computer monitor, these jerks would otherwise never say those things to you in person.
All ya gotta do is find some good comebacks and they will leave you alone. Some people threaten that they would beat up other people over the internet even though they would be too afraid to say it to their face. :dry:
Yeah man, I'm one of the guys that plays CS a lot, and I'm the guy that quietly plays, never speaks, and kills anything that moves :P

But, every once in a while, you get the freak, that not only is talented at the game, but also a braggart. In all honesty, there is nothing you can do. Generally, the biggest prick IS the admin of the server, bloated on his own power.

I have just learned to ignore them. Turning off Mics would definitely help from the verbal assualt, but I use them to communicate with buddies.... Guess theres no good way around it...

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In CSS go to player list and you can mute each individual member but on a serious note its full of tards who are desperate for some sort of satisfaction in a game because they cant get any in life, the small joy of "pwning" you in CSS is the only thing they can ever get :P.

Anyway all of us who play CSS should get together on a server and play sometime XD


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You should play Battlefield 2. The people who play the game are so mature.

To be honest if you want to still play CSS you need to find a server where they have set rules. have a lot of servers with there rules, try and find a server when regulars are, they're mainly the more mature. :wink:
welcome to the world of online games, if you dont like the people on the server go to another server, there are about 500,000 cs:s servers and millions more on other games, not everyone is a prick, i'v been gaming since i turned 3, and you'l find heavy populated servers have a huge % of people who are 7-10y/o and have nothing better to do than call people "n00bs" and saying "pwnz!" just egnore it and go to another server!


Facts about 90% of the people playing online:

1. The only reason they throw insults at you is because they dont have a real life, they're people stuck to the computer 24/7 only able to communicate with others without having to face them.

2. They're not better than you because they're "good" at aiming a virtuel gun to your head and being able to click with a mouse at the right time. This is often just about the only thing they're good at, which is kinda sad.

3. Throwing insults at other people after having "pwned" etc. is they're way of feeling better about themselves. Works pretty much the same way as bullying in school, only these people dont have to face you in real life but through some stupid game.

** These are people with absolutely NO LIFES whatsoever, taking anything that come out from their mouths would be like shooting yourself in the chest and laugh at it. Ignore them, you have no idea what tormented minds they already have to deal with. **

4. /destroying a monitor over a game is overreacting, stop playing computer games so much, go out and get some air.
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Guy's have a history of being immature, anything that bolsters their flagging self esteem and small dicks, we get them here trolling, stick to single player from now on.
No offense, but I found that to be rather sexist. I mean... not really sexist in a offensive way, but it was harsh. Too harsh.


It was aimed at the trolls who originally posted and I left it there, interestingly enough the next troll raid from a different site foiund this post and said I must be super fat and a bitch, of which I am neither. (of course, they didn't put it as nicely as that)
Originally Posted by Robin View Post
Guy's have a history of being immature, anything that bolsters their flagging self esteem and small dicks, we get them here trolling, stick to single player from now on.
No offense, but I found that to be rather sexist. I mean... not really sexist in a offensive way, but it was harsh. Too harsh.
Heh, I would find it sexist, but in a lot of cases it's true, just replace small dicks with insecure masculinity, and want to be a braggart.

True it's sexist, but in my experience, on most games I play, including counterstrike, what few girls I find are really really nice. Even when they are whipping/getting whipped by me, they remain polite.
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