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    I thought I would share these emails between me and a therapist who I contacted via email to see if he was taking new patients. After me telling him, it is NOT working out with my previous clinician, he ENCOURAGES me to go back ASSUMING I am therapist hopping.......FRICKIN STUPID. They always assume the "mental" patient is overreacting.......


    > This email was sent by:
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    > This person saw your profile in Psychology Today's Therapy Directory.
    > Hello,
    > I was just released from Telecare Pierce E&T (mental health ward) in
    > which I was detained by the county from a local ER this past Wed. I
    > am not on meds and refuse. I am 34 y/o and desperately looking for
    > someone to help me. I am very angry, suicidal and
    > repressed/depressed. I am walking a fine line and seems noone can
    > help me.



    I do have a few openings, depending on what time of day you can come in. However, i didn't hear that you have health insurance. If you have no insurance, it is preferable to seek out a master's level provider--they are usually just as good and charge much less. Also, you can call the crisis line--they may have options for you. But if you have insurance, let me know what it is. thanks for writing, Dr. Keith

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    I have private insurance Regence BCBS. My ultimate concern is finding someone who is willing to risk evaluating/treating me. I don't need crisis line,ER etc....been down that road before. So far I have had 2 psychiatrists unable to treat me and went back to my previous psychologist who couldn't handle it today and I left hopeless........

    I talked my way out of the mental ward and d/c in less than 72 hrs.. .....that is how aware and intelligent I am. I work in healthcare myself and I am on medical leave. I am on the verge of letting go and I do not have much time.

    I will understand if you decline.


    I'm sorry, I get the feeling you are not able to help me. thanks.
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    Hello, Based on what you have said so far, i thinki it would be best if you returned to your previuos therapist. It is easy to get into hopping from o ne provider to another, thinking that somehow there is a "magic" person out there who holds some type of key. I don't think this way of looking at mental health treatment will be helpful to you. I would encourage you to find one therapist (the one you have) and one medicaion manager and stay with them. I think this approach is the one thta works in the long run. Good luck, Keith Peterson, Ph.D.
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    have to love those degrees

    BS - bullshit
    MS - more shit
    PhD - pile head deep
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    that is some good sh*t
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    OOPs, i left his email addy on there :tongue:
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    i shall resist the obvious temptation :wink:
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    Hmmmm, what if he got a flood of emails from depressed/suicidal many members do we have?
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    check the bottom of the main page
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    Due 19, 714 members and 3014 active ones. I hope his inbox is back is a biotch.....and she works full time