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"they don't care"

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why do so many people insist that nobody cares when somebody else is feeling suicidal, cutting, overdosing, or whatever it may be? what is the logic behind it? it seems unbelievable to me, because, you know, people do care...


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I think the more accurate word is relate. "Nobody can relate." With depression comes feelings of isolation and you tend to feel that no one else in the world could possibly feel what I am feeling, which again is probably bogus as well, since a good protion of us, have "been there". A lot of us feel hopeless and helpless, but for different reasons, I guess. It's hard to believe that there is someone out there that understands how I am feeling at any given time. I go through so many levels of hopelessness that I don't know if at any one time there is someone else in the world that could possibly know. It sort of sounds self centered, which I guess is why some people think that we are just trying to get attention when we attempt suicide, or when we talk about suicide. It's a really tough concept for some unemotional people to understand. I sometimes think that the smarter you are, the more life affects you and the more that life seems impossible. Some people go on through life without a care or thought to what it's all about. When we search for meaning and there is none, it's frustrating.

I had a Statistics course in college and wanted to scream. I just want a straight answer, not a probability of an answer - what is the answer?!!! I was much better at Calculus.
you know, you sound almost exactly like me, it's scary...

but no, it's not "you can't relate". maybe they mean that, but they've expressedly used "nobody cares" which is much different


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'Lack of understanding'. Some people cannot relate to why somebody engages in self destructive behaviour, and because of this they often don't like talking about it. I think that when somebody is wanting help and they can't express their despair through anything else but self harm, deep down, they want people to talk about it, ask them how they feel, why they do it.. but most people don't ask because they don't understand. I think the feeling that 'nobody cares' isn't due to attention seeking or a sympathy vote, it's due to the fact that they feel that people don't understand; amd somehow this turns into 'people don't care'.
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