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    Well I still pretty dysfunctional but have had some days where I actually got stuff done and am half way moved but major stall out for the last four days.
    I have asked my parents before if they could come help me with the move and well... they have their own life. They know how on the edge I am, that I need to get moved and that I am behind on paperwork as far as my business. Everyday the say they want to help and they don't know what to do...but I tell them I wish they could come down and help me get over this hump of moving. Although retired they have stuff they do but I would have thought they would have come, it is a 1 hour plane flight and they have enough miles for the flight to be free. Dad came about a month and a half ago and it was great.
    Well they just set out on a 3 day camping trip and I am so hurt and so mad. I guess I know where I stand.
    I don't know why I am writing this as I don't know what anyone can say. Please don't say let them know how I really feel - they know and don't say let them know how bad it is - I sent them photos of my room and they cried.
    I guess I am just writing this out so I can stop crying and go to the one and only appointment I have for the day.
    I know all about parents caring and just not knowing how to help but I have told them...I guess I just keep fighting the fact that I am all alone. Hell the church group movers I hired to help me move told me at the end of the first day that something came up and they could not come back the next day....a church flakes on me.
    I just can not get it together to finish packing, it is like I am boycotting life.
    Thanks for letting me get this out. I just hate that if I had a physical problem they would be here,,,,,when I was being tested for cancer they came down to be here when the doctor gave me the test results...stupid me thought they came to help me get my life organized a bit..hell I didn't need moral support for the doctors verdict cancer or no cancer I need help getting my life up to speed-if I could just get half way up the hill I know I would be able to make it the rest of the way...the mountain is so big and I need help. As many of you know I am willing to pay someone to just hang out for a few days and give me moral support.
    Thanks for listening, I am close to a few of you so maybe I should have just made this PM instead of taking the them of the whole group.
    Love B
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    didn't get to talk to yesterday but I am glad you are feeling free to let it out here,as you spend so much time trying to support others.I'm so sorry you can't get some active help ,rather than just moral support.We all need that..practical help.Please try to just take it a day at time..and do not rush yourself in getting done what needs to be done..if that's at all possible.PM me anytime ,you know that.You are overwhelmed I know.
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    thanks for the reply ashes it is so hard right now and i feel as if i am get more disheartened each day. i am just so tired of getting my hopes and then bam...i never thought this church group that helps men get their lives back on track would flake on me...the pastor said he was sorry but that does no good to 114 lber trying to move dressers and a queen size bed. this is like the time when the head and founder of a major suicide org. promised to talk with me but three hours later i was still waiting..oh well
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    i hear ya,B. I was lucky recently that I have family and a few family friends who helped me move some furniture..not everyone is so lucky.I'm sorry you don't have anyone who will just help you out of the goodness of their hearts.Gee. What a world.Just take it easy and be good to yourself.
    Love ya
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    does anybody have any advice on how to get them to see how i need help..i just dont know where to turn...i don't know what to do....i would pay someone to be my support at this point..i really would and ideas? Please guys I really am feeling lost..
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    Hi B,
    I don't really have any ideas on how to get parents to open their eyes about stuff, I honestly wish I did - because then I'd be able to do something about my own. I've truly given up on them and adopted that 'you can't choose your family' thing.
    I wish I was in the US, I'd come and offer you some support, but I know for sure there are def some people on the site over your neck of the woods, with any luck they will be around to lend a hand, in whatever way. Fingers crossed. You could always try things like meet - mental health groups/crisis groups, craigslist, gumtree that sort of thing.
    I hope things work out and get better *hugs*
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    what is gumtree? and meetup? that one sounds like a dating site.
    thanks your wonderful
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    (( B ))

    Family is so hard to convince to change their way to make you feell supported and care for. I don't have the answer but I wish my family were more supportive as well.

    I hope things improve for you.
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    Hey INO,
    Does your town have a work by the day firm there?? You could probably get some day workers to help move the big stuff.. Or even go to the unemployment office.. I lived in one town where they had people at the unemployment office who would work for a days pay..Thats the only two ideas I can come up with right now..I wish you luck!!