they made me do it again!

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    i havent cut in 3 and a half mounths but they ruined it! i put these pics up on bebo, they are all fake but they dont think so! they were pics of bloood and chains around the neck and shit , my friend did them for a comp, i put them up to advertise her! people commented on them saying ooooooh these are disgusing, i said yes but i seem to like them!

    another girl said " dont worry shes just a attention seeker" " she cuts her self cause she wants attention"

    fuck hell no i dont do it for attention u guys know that!
    this is what they siad to me: ill copy and paste:

    Kala: pffft!!! u brought it among ur self!! DONT u fucking act like "poor me!!" n u no what! u sayin that just made me think how little u really are...

    Kala: u threatnd to kill sam n i!!!! thats the most stupid thing ive herd!!! i dunno?!?! how are u a antention seeker?? maybe cos u say lots of shit that aint tru?? or u scatch ur wrist and take pics... then put them on bebo were ppl go on to look at every 1... what they do in there life... n u think that we dnt hav to look at it?? thats what bebo is 4444444!!!!!!!! to see who ppl are! u said to kate n i or sam n i?? not sure! but u said u were neva gonna cut urself again?!?!?!? this was last year!! in year 9!!!!! and y put ur self down?!?!?!?!??/// it makes u look stupid!!!!!

    dez: hey! ur a looser =] im a happy person.. n i know a looser when i see 1.. u shud like put an L on ur forehead.. and wile ur at it y dont u jus walk around with a shirt with red writting.. I CUT MYSELF 4 ATTENTION, LOOK AT MEEEE!! GIVE ME ATTENTION!!! y r u so depressed? u go 2 a good school that can give u great opportunities in life.. if i was in ur possition n i was readin all this stuff, i wud think... wat the hell has cum over me, im loosing all these friends and now im jus no1 with no friends except for 1s on the net.. that i cant have sleepover with,cry on there shoulders, go out partying, go shopping 2 the movies etc. u no why ur so depressed.. cus u have NO friends. jus think bout it, me, i hav the most caring friends ever,a family that loves me, the best boyfriend in the world, the best sister anyone could ever have.. you, you have a nice house, mines a shit hole.. but im still smiling... ur shit nicola, atleast u aint homeless u hav both parents y r u bein a fukface bitch?!?

    they cut me soooo deep inside! they were too afraid to say it at my face they had to say this to me through email! cause they knew they were gonna get insulted back,

    i had to apolgize for what i said to them!!!!!! they started it!
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    This is fucked up. You have no reason to opologize. And they really should learn to spell- I wonder what had "Cum" over Dez too.

    Maybe that was slightly innapropriate, but if these bastards want to insult you they might as well write like they care! The way they are so juvenile about it...I commend you, for not hunting them down one by one.
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    Sweetheart, Don't apologize when you've done nothing!

    I am sorry they got you so upset, I was astonished at how cruel they were but laughed at their horrible spelling and grammer. I am sending big hugs to you, if I could whip them all I would.

    is there a way to set it so you have to approve comments?
  4. blade

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    yeah! i had to ! no there isnt! a way u cet it like that! yeah they right slang to , why do they have to correct me! correct their own lives before the judge me!

    they think im a fake! i mean my 'out side skol ' life is mine i dont talk to ppl about what they do after school. why sould the judge me!

    why cant ppl take me just as i am. not take me off how they want me too be!

    thanks guys

    its all over but i still cant get over what they said!
    they said sorry too! but i know they still think of me like this!

    this place is the only place i feel at 'home'

    SF and myspace. 2 places where i can say anything with out being judged cause u guys and ppl on myspace accept me off who i am!
  5. the things that those idiots wrote are some of the most ridiculous idiotic stupid things that i've seen in my LIFE!

    but i dont get it either! i told one of my "friends" about how i got so mad one day i scratched my wrists.
    i tell her that even though i may look happy on the outside sometimes, im crying for help on the inside. even though i look strong, my strength is shriveling up inside. do you know what she says to me" she says:
    and all im looking for is for some love and support. and it seems useless. i can get any of that.

    how come they think that ppl who do things like i did r looking for attention?

    sometimes the richest famous ppl have depression problems.

    some ppl r fighting battles that no one knows anything about.

    it honestly makes me SO MAD.
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    oh man 'ipromisei'llcomebacktoyou ' that is a very good quote!
    yes i aggree with u so much! i love this saying, : sick of crying, tierd of trying, but deep inside im dying" i read that and i was like awww i love that! yes ppl just ecspect " oh yeah she/ he cuts they must be a attention seeker" " oh they cut' they muct be ""emo"". emo isnt someone who cuts its a trend!

    ppl like thta make me soooo mad!
    they hurt me soooo much first!!!!!
    and i was chucking really bad stuff back in their faces! showing them how it is to b hurt!
    everyday walking in the class room where those bitches were i was shaking everyday!
    so nervos walking in!