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They must never know

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by the_me_that_you_know, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. To make a long story short there are family members whom I could never tell that I post at SF. 1. Father(by adoption)--he would freak out and think more poorly of me than he already does. He knows I do drugs but does not know that I hate my life to the point of wanting it to end. 2. My 19 yr. old cousin. He's like a bro to me and is living the normal life(girlfriend, job, etc.) so he would never understand my feelings at all, thus we'd be driven further apart than we already are(our opinions differ to the extreme sometimes).
    Man, they would get together and have me put away somewhere, or atleast try to, but if they failed they would despise me for it. As a matter of fact no one in my family would/could ever understand. Luckily most of my other family(aunts/uncles/cousins) are spread out all over the country, so the chance of them ever finding out is nonexistant.
  2. liveinhope

    liveinhope Well-Known Member

    I can relate to that as my family want to see me get better !!! but would not understand SF at all they just wouldnt, but hey mine dont need to know and neither do yours if thats what you choose as long as it helps you thats what matters:smile:
  3. pisces-music-girl

    pisces-music-girl Well-Known Member

    Only a few of my friends know I post at SF. If my family knew... then, well...

    And if the kids at school knew I'd be ridiculed by a some of them. Just because they're emotionally handicapped doesn't mean we all are. And I can't help it. Either I'm suffering from whacked-out hormones or bipolar disorder. I haven't decided which one it is yet.

    So yeah, I feel you there. And being locked up would not be all bad. Think of all the stress I'd miss...
  4. Wormling

    Wormling Well-Known Member

    I understand completely. I told my parents when I was first feeling depressed way back in Jr.High. They sent me to a therapist for a month and made me feel like a complete and utter freak of nature (more so than normal =P). So I had to pretend to be happy and have my life together, and have hidden my true feelings from the world for a long, long time. It is why I have been on this site so much though since I joined =D People here CAN understand how you feel, and won't judge you, and wont have unfair opinions and say untrue things like you are to young to be sad. Anyways, I am ranting again, sorry. But hope you like this site and find help when you want it =D Feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk. I am an ear for when you need one and a shoulder to cry on.