They said... (about autism)


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that because of autism i dont have anorexia but a "special interest" in getting thin

that because i have autism im not depressed but im giving no meaning on purpose to things to make sui more acceptable, doable and desirable

that because i have autism i might not sleep willingly

and that autism is the reason im so messed up.

and that its all my "Responsibility"

it might all be true but hearing it hurt.


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special interest? wow i have one as well: collecting package inserts basically everything about meds & pharmacology. Trying to keep this interest alive by creating a reddit community hoping to meet someone with the same interests. though i don't have the fucking fucking ability to communicate not mention to be a mod of a community.
in the past, yeah, one of my dream is to be a mod of SF, it's a bit funny thinking this way.
sorry about talking about myself endlessly, but you know it's autism...
so so sorry about what you are going through. Autism sucks i know it. Keep your special interests alive because it's a treasure in life, by whatever means, like engaging with people with shared interests.. idk... it may be hard but i send you the best wishes!!


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Living with autism is being trapped in routines, being overwhelmed by colors, lights, sounds etc., feeling alone and like an alien, never fitting in and communications difficulty.
but to me it also means feeling special, deeper than others, more sensitive, and needing a referring point in this chaotic life.
i dont get jokes, take everything literally, have anxiety with people and needing to move my body in some rhythmic ways.
theres much more bur thats the main things coming to my mind...

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