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They say that self acceptance is important...

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Bermy, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Bermy

    Bermy Member

    ...and i've gone and lost mine.

    I'm trans, MtF. Learnt to accept it when I was 14, four years ago. And now, he is insinuating that i'm less of a woman.

    I'm starting to believe it now. Who am I trying to kid that I am equal to any natural-born woman?:sad:

    I have too much to deal with already... but this...
    Years of confidence gone in one night. I can't carry on now without it. He's ruined me.
  2. Helba

    Helba Member

    He hasn't ruined you the way I see you. Regardless of gender, you knew it once, meaning some part of you still does. It's hard when you can't accept yourself, and I wish I had the knowledge to tell you how to do it. What I can say is that from where I am standing hun, you are "Bermy" the alias I see before me. No one else.
  3. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    Who is saying this?

    You are who you are, and that's that(as in female - not ment to be offensive sorry).

    It can be really hard to accept yourself, I've only recently started accepting who I am(gay). I was so scared that others would disown me even though I never really had any friends. So I just shut everything off. Supressing parts of who you are makes things go to shit :(.

    I think you're equal to a 'natural-born woman' :). It's just that you had to get things done to get the body that's yours. Have you had the surgery yet?(just curious).
  4. Bermy

    Bermy Member

    My 'so called bf' is saying it. And no, I haven't had any surgery, that's probably why he's doing it, to spite me.

    Whatever the reason is behind it, it's working :(
    I don't see myself in the same way as I did. It's made me unsure of who I am, who I should be, who he is. Everything is in flux, and I can't stop it, it's going to destroy me. :blub:

    I'd rather die than lose what i've become over the past few years.
    If it gets worse, that's it for me.
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