They say the perfect person comes once, rarely twice, in your life...

When you think of it like that, you have about a 1/2% chance to experience true happiness. That is of course, if you don't mess up.

And man, did I mess up. As much as it pains me to see her leave, I have to realize that I deserved it. All the pain and sorrow I'm going through, I deserve it for ruining the chance I had with her. I had the most perfect girl, but instead of cherishing it I intentionally hurt her and couldn't accept her flaws and mistakes when they happened. It seems like that I realized my mistake too late, and when I tried to change things for the was too late. I took way too long to try to fix my errors and now she's found someone else.

So there goes my 1% of true happiness. Honestly, I tried to move on, and I tried putting myself out there again, but I just can't seem to get attracted to any girl, much less show any interest to them. How can I? I had the most wonderful girl that any guy could ask for, but I was too much of a fool to realize the wonderful thing I had and blew it. She's found someone she can be happy with, and even though I am happy for her, there will always be that haunting thought that I could of been that guy if I wasn't such a fool. I know I should give it time for me to move on, but it's been a month and I still love her, and it's really preventing me from even trying to meet new girls. I just have so much regrets.

It's as they say, once you taste the most delicious sweet in the world, everything else tastes dull and bland compared to it.


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You need to step back and take time to get over this relationship before even considering another.
I took 8 years, which is a bit long :laugh: before I dipped my toe back into the dating pool.
Taking time out lets you get to know you and to think about what you want from the next relationship.
I know how you feel. It also happend to me one month ago, I feel so ashamed, I blame myself for everything... so i will tell what comes to my mind.

I was and am really scared that i blow my chance for real happines, because i didn't appreciate another person enough. I was acting bitchy, moody, depressed, didn't show enough love back... And of what it hurts the most, is not the absence of other person... but the knowing that it is your foult. The feeling that you blow your only real happines, that you will be never happy again (because of doing these mistakes...)

But is it? For real? I still blame myself, i still think that i ruined my own life, that i fucked up everything nice that was ment to be, that i destroyed all my chances, everything.

But i'm trying to stay positive. You know... maybe my feelings are like that only because he is gone.
That i was acting like that because he wasnt the one for me... and i didnt have the guts to stop the relationship. So i acted like that, and he dumped me. But then, shock?! That shouldnt happend, he worshipped me. Shock! What just happend. i fucked it. I hate it, i want to spin time back and change everything...

But would i? Would i kiss him, told him how much i love him... if i didn't actually feel it. I feel love now. But not because he is perfect, but because he dumped me. And that should happen, because there is someone out there, who will be better for me. And who I WOULD BE ABLE TO love at the right time, ... not only because you cant have it. You know, the things you can't have are the worst pain in the ass...

I don't feel like that, i blame myself, i destroyed my life.... but i HOPE that it happend because it wasnt ment to be anyways... and i hope that i will feel like that soon. But i know... it hurts, the blame... :(

And he found a girl who makes him happy, and yes i am happy for him. But i know that i could be that girl if i wouldnt mess it. Damn i miss him like hell. Hurt hurt hurt.

*hugs* Stay positive, and try to belive that everything happend because there is someone else out there.

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