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Helo I am a young man from fínland, here we jhave a saying "a man without his man hood is not aman at all", now i Have spent 2 weeks in the hospital thinking on this. let me tell you a story and excuse you poor english

2 week and some days ago i was on my land at my home, as it says i am a dog breader. :dunno: this day we had got a new dog, it name was bill. nbill was a mad dog but we thouht we could bring him under controll through lessons and discipline. my frind was there, he had our gun just because of protection, but you are not allowed to shoot guns here, or jail.

so we was feeding the dog from a caned dog food container, but he was eating fast. soon he was angry and was moving, this is very emotional, his eyes were looking around at us, next he was atacking my legs, I couldnt shake him away, but there was blood and everyone was panic, I triied to pull in the other way but it had a hold on my leg with its teethe, soon it had come up and between my leges

now there was blood everyhwere and I t was call going blackk, why didnt he shot him. next was I was in the hospital the next day, and I will spare you the detail but I aweoke to found that he had savaged my groin area, and the doctors had surgic removed what was left ..,, this is very painful and very embarressing ..

my question I Need is am I longer a man,am i a woman or a man, and it seems like li fe is now a more negative, in the negative you know, is this reasonable to you ?
It's not in the body. it's in the you feel, think and act as a man?'s whatever you were before. :hug:

:welcome: to SF, I hope you find everthing you are looking for, don't hesitate to PM me.


with hugs,
Well, that sucks - I'd wait a little while before deciding whether to kill myself. I don't know how big a part of your life sex was before this incident, but you might find other things in life worth living for... My situation has some similarities with yours - My equipment is still there, but it hasn't worked right since I was 23 and had a bad reaction to a prescription drug (I have no sensation there, so I might as well have an artificial penis).
Welcome to the forum and your english is very good :smile:

As carolyn said it all do with spirit, no the body. If inside youfeel a man then indeed you should be classed as one, for example if a pre-transexual feels in their spirit they are female/male then they class them selfs as that instead of what physical parts they have.

take care of yourself

vikki x


it is natural that you take time to adjust to this, and grieve for what you have lost, and therapy will help a great deal with that.

You have a lot to deal with right now, and we are here to help you if you let us in.

As I see it, you are what you feel you are, be that man or woman (as has been said before), physcially, you are still a man, you may be missing a part, but if a woman has a mastectomy, or a hysterectomy, it does not make her any less of a woman, same as this does not make you any less of a man. Infact, fighting through this will make you a stronger person, and more of a man.

I believe that they can do reconstructive surgery, and give you an artificial one, if you so wished (but I could be wrong in that).

Take care of yoruself and keep fighting


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i thought i had some thing important to say but it apears i dont, all i can say is that i agree with the rest, and suicide is not a solusion to any problem
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