They want us alive to be their chattel

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    I'm not condemning suicide or condoning it, only ranting and expressing how I feel,

    I feel that the reason why the (government, establishment, whatever you want to call it) doesn't want us to kill ourselves is because the socio-paths in power want good, submissive chattel people to run the inner workings of their society for them. They act like its about compassion, but its not. Its all about money, at least with the social planners at the top of things. While the crony alliances of government are making money by imprisoning the drug addicts of substances deemed illicit by the state with private prisons, the pharmaceutical-industrial complex makes money off of getting us hooked to substances that doctors are allowed to prescribe us by our bureaucratic overlords. This is all for the benefit of, not only, more money for big industries but, also, keeping valuable citizens from offing their selves. They need us as a, readily available, set of disposable gears and cogs to keep their machinery going. The people with enough money to buy legal drugs have a decent enough income, so they're worth protecting. The people who resort to illicit drugs for their depression are, often times, the poor class that is, in the eyes of our corporate masters, dead weight to the economy. So, if they don't off their selves, at least they can be thrown into private prisons with rapists and murderers to be used to make money through government subsidies and forced labour.

    The way I see it is that it doesn't matter who's in power. People naturally love control, and power's all corrupting, The human race is inherently greedy, corrupt, and that won't change through any type of metaphysical or philosophical enlightenment. Some call it a consequence of free will. I see it as an irredeemable flaw. I don't see much of a future in humanity past the impending nuclear war, and I feel like the only dignified thing to do is to make a conscious decision to disenfranchise myself completely from it altogether. I didn't ask to be apart of it, so I see no problem in making an active move to abruptly end my involvement with it..


    Many would like to think of this eugenics graph by Galton as an out dated relic, but I think it still holds true today. That's probably still how the people truly running the country think of everyone else.
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    Very interesting. I'll have a deeper look into this. Coincidently I've been thinking about stuff like this for a while (humans; greed, overpowered), and I just was before I clicked this thread.
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    I think extensive, democratic controls and an educated public can prevent tyrannies from happening though, maybe. The public needs to take an active effort in not buying stuff made with underpaid, 3rd world labour and not letting cost be the only deciding factor in what they buy I guess. If you always buy the cheapest, most advertised item, monopolies are an inevitability . Not voting for the most obvious person that the media puts in front of us is another good way of preventing such dangers to the institution of representative democracy. Also, looking for their contradictions tells all. I think taking 15 minutes to research a candidates voting record tells you more about them than any of the Biographies made for them by ther corporate sponsors on CNN or Fox News. I came off as too depressive. I don't know if its that anyone who would get the control of government is corrupt, so much as its that people who seek out power tend to be corrupt and doing it for ignoble, egotistical purposes. There's a difference. I think were lead by the least amongst us. That doesn't necessarily mean that all people are sociopaths or would be sociopathic and corrupt in the same position of the people who typically win the elections. That's the benefit the ruling class has over everyone else. We're busy tending to our own lives, while they're menacingly, behind the curtains, trying to hoard as much as they can off the system and the public for their selves. The reason why I make a class distinction is that many of these politicians are rich and come from rich families. You have to have a lot of money and influence to be able to get the exposure in the mainstream, corporate media to win an election. That's my opinion anyway.
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