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Things are improving

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Okay... just recently, I started my medication for depression. I was reluctant, considering I felt "weak" relying on the pills.... however, I didn't know they were going to work so fast! They stabilized my mood and even helped me sleep soundly! Also... I have to give thanks to my wonderful, amazing girlfriend Skyler... we've been together for three months and a half, and she's been at my side all the time through my depression. For her age, she's such an amazing girl... she is the best girl in the world. She makes me smile every day. :biggrin: My parents relationship with me is also improving, and getting better... and their letting me see Skyler again, which is really making a difference! I missed her a lot, and I got to see her tonight and the day before! I hope I can triumph over depression. Also, thanks to everyone at SF for supporting me!


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:hug: I'm glad things are going well for you!

BTW: If the meds you're talking about here are the same ones you mentioned in your other thread and you start craving salty foods, it apprently normal :D


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Hey poison,

thanks so much for sharing that, its really nice to see the good side of things for a change, Im real happy for you and that you have progrossed so well with medication, do you also see a therapist?.....continue to keep us up to date.... proof happy endings, arent just for fairy tales... :hug:
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