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Things Happen For A Reason...

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... or so Im told, but recently its becoming harder and harder to believe, Im sick of wasting the short time I have on this earth wishing it was even shorter, but why can't I stop? I know in my heart that there are so many people less well off than me, am I so selfish that I see myself the appitamy (dont know how to spell it ^.^) of depression and under the eyes of god, forsaken?? I hate myself even more for feeling this way, which makes me want to crawl into a hole and die even more. Its a cruel circle. I cut now, every day, small cuts, deep, but they still heal thankfully :) anywhere I can without my parents seeing, luckily they have given up, so I can do what I want really. I am so blessed in material possesions, but I would give it all up for a release that dosent involve destroying my own life, not to mention my family and friends that care,but I can't help it, I really can't, even my counseller dosent understand. just calls me a "meek, troubled child"

fuck off.

love you all x

jane doe

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honey you need to keep alive, not just for you, for the people around you that will miss you a lot, and you´ll see that things can get better. if oy uneed to talk just pm me


Welcome to the world that we live in, hard to think of all of the people that have so little when some of us have so much. You should not feel so responsible for such things (hard I know) do what you can for those less fortunate and in this world of selfish greed and corruption just thinking of such things as you do puts you so much further then most the people who couldn’t give a damn. Do not hold yourself responsible for the state of the world.

If your counselor calls you meek or week then they are not very good at what they do. Everyone in this life has a different amount of what they can and can’t take, and sometimes what is fine for another can drop another. Do not feel horrible for the way you are feeling and do not judge yourself to harshly for it. You truly sound like a good honest person to me, and for that I hope you find a way out of this circle of yours.



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Thnku for the support, I guess your right, its not my fault, Ive kinda been brought up like this, and Im not the only one who feels like this. And I do have to stay alive, even if Ive given up hop for myself. theres too much fro everyone else at stake. Thnku so much x


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Hmmm well I have said the same thing. That my petty problems, in my case loneliness, are nothing compared to those who have nothing. And I have spoken with many who have much less than me. And they have all told me that my problems are just as bad as others. One friend said that there is no bigger problem than an empty heart.

I myself and trying to believe that. But it is hard when I have always been taught to think of other less fortunate than myself.

If I may give a suggestion. Have you ever tried analyzing why you feel this way? I have done that for myself. And I am just now getting motivation to set those problems straight. Maybe start off by doing something you WANT to do, that is not self-harm. I myself have always wanted to wear female cloths, one peice swimsuits or leotards. And I remember the liberating feeling and incredible confidence and love for life I had the day I pushed past my fears and bought my first one, only one so far ^^;;. So maybe go out and try doing something you have always wanted to do. It might make you feel better, if only temporarily.
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