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Things I would Like To Say...

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These are just some-things I would say to people who have left my life in some way or another.

Unbeknown- I am incredibly sorry for acting like I did that day. I was stressed beyond imaginations and I "stormed out" so I couldn't say anything more stupid. I know me being in a bad condition is no excuse for me storming out on you but given the chance I would gladly get on my knees and beg for forgiveness and beg you to come back on here. You are one of the few people I have trusted in my life m sorry if I drove you away from SF.

Mrow-It's been a while since I have asked for you. I don't know what to say but that you seemed to me as a strong-willed, yet compassionate type of person and that the things you talked about here were controversial (So to speak) but many of us enjoyed your company.

To the woman- Sometimes I have heard your screams during the night and sometimes I can even see you look at me with those pleading eyes to help. But I didn't. And that has haunted me everyday and I wonder what could a 8 year old possibly do...

To the man-I hope you are alright. I called the ambulance but I wasn't there when they arrived. I ran away like a coward and I don't know if you're still alive.

Grandpa-You were the best old man I have ever known. You were incredibly talented in many respects and you were also incredibly generous with everything you had, including your heart and soul. I wish I stayed with you longer in the hospital, but I had to go back to Australia. Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if I stayed.

Melinda- Melinda, I have missed you every day of my life. Everytime I remind myself that you have passed away is like opening a closed wound. You have taught me almost everything useful in my life, even though you were the same age as me. People have described you as an absolute genius, a prodigy even but that's not how I remember you. I remember you as that young girl who was there every time I fell down, that person who judged me not by one mistake but by looking at the bigger picture, the person who looked past my mask and saw the person deep inside of me. The person who could stop me with only your voice. Oh, how I miss you Melinda...


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I am so sorry for your losses and I hope that you can repair the relationships that are meaninful to you and can hold those you have lost dear in your heart..J
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