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  1. na-taya

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    You are pathetic will never be anything you want to be or try to be.
    A useless waste of a human.
    I hate myself more than anybody else could
    I can't fell like the worst person.

    Why am I even trying to get this out? I'm still gonna feel the same.

    My life is worthless to me and those around.
    I can't even get out how bad my head feels to me right now.

    I'm so exhausted but still not tied enough to sleep.

    Why am I continueing this battle day in day out, granted some days the battle is less yes, but its still always a battle.
  2. Rockclimbinggirl

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    Hugs. You are not pathetic. You are a good person.
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  3. Brittless

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    Hey na-taya,
    I hate that you're feeling this way. :( I know I'm technically not "around" you, but you are not worthless. You were here for me when I felt that I was invisible here and it's always a pleasure hearing from you. You always seem to message exactly when I need it.

    You're not pathetic. It's just the evil voice inside of your head telling you that. I hope we here at SF can sway that voice to the other side to see what we see. A beautiful soul. Yeah I sound hokey, but I don't care because I believe it and see it.

    Hope you can get some rest...Stay safe. x

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  4. SinisterKid

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    I am not stupid [most of the time] and I can read and I read a lot of posts here and its as abvious as the nose [yes, the big one] on my face that you are neither worthless or pathetic. Thats the tiredness talking, nothing else.

    Hopefully with some rest, things will look a bit different. It never ceases to amaze me what sleep can achieve. After so many sleepless nights myself, I know how I feel when I do manage a half decent nights sleep.

    SF is with you, we all care and want to support you and always will.
  5. na-taya

    na-taya Well-Known Member

    @Rockclimbinggirl thank you I try to be a good person but I'm still patgetic :(:( but thank you for your kind words.

    @Brittless *hugs* thanks so much for your kind words. I am glad I was there for you when you felt invisable, because you are so amazing yourself.

    @SinisterKid I got a decent sleep in thanks to meds from psychiatrist. Sleep didn't improve anything I still feel as awful and horrible about myself.

    The battle I have against myself is getting feirce, I'm getting weak.
    I don't want to keep going around like this. I want to get off, yet I know getting off isn't really a suitable option.

    I feel my wheel spinning I'm just not moving.
  6. SinisterKid

    SinisterKid We either find a way, or make one. SF Supporter

    I guess sleep is not always the solution or even a part of it in your case, although it could be argued that a whole row of decent sleep nights might improve things? Certainly, what I have read and what we have discussed in groups all indicate that sleep is a very important factor in depressive illness. But that is a generalization that is not applicable to you as a individual. I am sorry that you dont feel any improvement in anything after a reasonable nights sleep.

    I wish I could be of more use to you in your battle. I think I need to read more about you and the issues you face so that I can understand more, then I might have a suggestion or two that are of some help. Right now, I can only tell you that you are a valued member of this community and we all want to support you any way we possibly can.
  7. Shebesh

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    Hi na taya
    I'm everything you described and much much more and i happened to believe it is the truth . My advice to you is get rid of everything that gives you a shitty feeling from friends to family to the car , cellphone....... If you have one person(thing) in your life , you have one problem , if you have 10 people(things ) in your life you have 10 problem . simplify and remember 90% of what we have in our life we do not really need and it is a source of depression