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    There are many things I would have missed if I was successful at death. I would have missed being freed by my faith, and having a relationship with the one being I blamed, hated, and did not know. Yahweh. I would have missed my second chance found in his son's death, and life so that I too can be reborn, remade, and rediscovered. I would have missed the joys of receiving the blessings for my efforts: my life, husband, children, reunited family, hope, and love.
    Everything I have now; I never thought to be possible, but the truth is I am not a psychic and I could have never known. This is where faith came in on my part. The joys of being a parent, wife, daughter, and friend; are really too joyful to put into words. But I can say this. I finally understand LOVE.
    Love is kind,free,open,patient,compassionate,selfless, and filling. It requires sacrifice, understanding, and truth. Love is timeless, and it is unconditional. And love is something that does not judge and is not picky. Love grows, and love heals. Love forgives, and love is always available in any situation.
    Just wanted to share thank you for reading..blessings..
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    The ancient Greeks had four words for love. I think any one would do.
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    I think this would fit better with the positive thoughts and motivational board (or what ever it's called, bad memory).

    Thanks for sharing. :)
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