things pissin me off today!

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    So today I have been in a very strange mood, I woke up after a short sleep And got ready for my 10hour shift at work!
    First of all I get into my car and notice a bird has shit 4times down my window - not normally a big issue but today it was!
    So driving to work and everyone is out to piss me off from the 'go any slower and your going to stop' Drivers to the people who make you think 'drive any closer to the back of my car and I'm gonna slap my brakes on'! - not a gd start and its not even 7:30!
    Then add 16 screaming babies to your pissed off mood and what do you get?
    By dinner time I've just about pissed everyone else off cus their asking whats wrong n to be honest I don't wanna i didbt talk to anyone which = a worse mood!
    Day goes on n I get home, piss off cus I got kept at work 30mins more than I should of! Not a good end to a bad day! And then to make it worse i go to sainsburys to get some food for my tea and the woman is rude to me, so what do I do? March to the customer service desk and take it all out on the woman behind it! Ouch so unlike me n i still feel pissed off! Rant over!
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    :console: :flowers: :hug:
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    Thanks maybe its just what I need!
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