Things that i and you(yes you) hate

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  1. Rallen12

    Rallen12 Member

    this is a list of things that annoy me >:l

    fell free to add stuff !

    ps:no saying bad things about precise people or for that matter yourself (you're great and i like you so dont hate yourself hate things >:D)

    I hate stepping on a freaking lego piece!
    I hate waiting in lines at the health center
    I hate people who start babbling about their lives at the super market's cashier
    I hate Goin' into a bar and its full of stupid guys flexing until they blow out the air so fast it seems like he's a baloon and i'm pretty sure ladies don't care for that(help me out ladies and lads too of course)
    I hate trying to be nice to someone sad and they start yelling at me but then someone else does it right away they cry on their shoulders
    I hate having to go to the bank to deposit some cash at 16 pm with over hell level degrees and i reach it i try to deposit the cash and what do you know? "error pls try again"
    but i try over and over and it still dosent work!
    I hate when im super happy and eating something i like i forget i swallowed it and i bite my tongue so hard i almost cry
    I hate when i'm in public spaces and suddenly i notice i have a bugger showing out of my nose(embarassment T^T)
    I hate thight underwear
    I hate waking up in the summer all sticky
    I hate when i have to plug somthin's cable and there aren't anymore spaces on the thingy
    I hate when my foot is asleep stings like needles
    I hate waking up late for work but on vacations i wake up at 7 am for no reason to realize i can't sleep anymore!
    I hate when some guy starts dissin' my fly girl(get the reference?)
    I hate going to the fridge and seeing i have nothing in it so i have to eat crackers
    I hate crackers They make my mouth so warm and full of cracker thingys in my teeth
    I hate people entering my space without noking first
    I hate going to the mall's electronic store and the teens working there looking all stoned and not knowing anything about the store they work in!
    I hate people screaming and when i ask to lower the volume they scream their not yelling

    more to come and plz tell me what you hate and we can hate it too
  2. red ribbons

    red ribbons Well-Known Member

    Lewd, crude, rude, people. Insensitive people, immature people that think the world's about them, greedy, lying, selfish people, con artists, violent people, users, abusers, people that are cruel to animals. Selfish, cold people, people who ignore you. Waiting in line. Too much heat or cold, how ugly and cruel the world has become, high prices, mean people, heavy traffic, judgmental, critical prople. workers who charge exorbitant labor costs,phony people, shallow people. wildfires.floods, a cold uncaring family. people who dump you because you're a cancer survivor, your husband killed himself, or you divorced.
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  3. Syn

    Syn Well-Known Member

    I hate never sleeping
    I hate having no social life
    I'm still somewhat miffed about this always being alone thing, though now I'm entirely used to it
    I hate anxiety
    I hate sobriety
    I hate how words can't convey what I feel
    I hate feeling invisible
    I hate the emptiness in my life
    I hate addiction
    I hate how so many other great people I've met on here are in pain when they deserve so much better
    I hate feeling disconnected, like I'm a world away
    I love depression (Yeah I'm a bit of a freak, but it's so calming in a way)
    I hate mirrors
    I hate how the songs I write never convey what I want them to
    I hate how nothing I say matters anyway
    I hate how I feel so weak
    I hate how I feel like my life won't mean anything
    I hate how it feels like nobody would remember or care if I just left one day
    I hate the distinct lack of happy in my life
    I hate how afraid I am to be happy
    I hate how terrifying it is to even think of being close to someone
    I hate how I feel so pathetic
    I hate not feeling good enough
    I hate not feeling strong enough to pick myself up
    I hate how it feels like I spend every moment of my life fighting for nothing at all
    I hate how it feels like the days are slipping by, but the hours never end
    I hate the air in my lungs (still technically hating things here and not myself XD)
    I hate every one of these god damn cells in my body
    I hate how reckless I can be sometimes
    I hate this vast, cold, empty space between me and the rest of the world
    I hate how broken and fucked in the head I am
    I hate love, but I hate hate more
    I hate the way I think people see me
    I hate feeling like a worthless druggie
    I hate feeling like I'm healing after everything
    I hate being of afraid of letting myself heal
    I hate being so confused
    I hate how it's 5am and I just feel so lonely
    I hate feeling lonely, I hate wishing I had someone who cared
    I hate wishing I had someone I could just lay next to right now who could understand me at all
    I hate wishing I had friends
    I hate thinking that nobody wants me around
    I hate how much I've let life get to me
    I hate how I'm not the same person I was at all
    I hate not knowing who I am
    I hate not knowing where my life is going
    I hate hating so much shit
    I hate my cussing habits
    I hate how it feels like I'm screaming and nobody can hear me
  4. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    I hate everyone, I hate the world, I hate myself and my life.

    I know you said that was against the rules, but I also hate rules.
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