Things that work for/Things that don't work for me


University Student
Things that work for me Scenarios

Let's say I am having a bad day and feeling really fed up with daily life and are feeling really bored or feeling really low and depressed but have no urges to harm or anything serious.

Then a range of distractions help to get through the period I am having and are really good for me.
The things that work for me

Doing the house chores
Watching something interesting on netflix or iplayer/catching up with soaps etc
Listening to music
Going on to my computer and having a general chat with friends online
Texting a close friend
writing a letter
making a drink
reading a book (depending on concentration)

Things that don't work for me Scenarios

Lets say I am having a mental health crisis, I am thinking of hurting myself or I don't want to be here.

No distractions work for me unless it's listening to music or really simple
Positive thinking - just a waste of time
Cognitive behavioural therapy - not in the right frame of mind to be thinking about this
Being told to have a bath, relax, put the kettle on, write a letter, think of postive things to do

What works for me, in this case is contacting mental health team, going to the hospital or phoning GP & also sleeping for a while to see if that helps.

Remember : self-injury/suicidal feelings and thoughts and behaviours are serious, never allow to be fobbed off by anyone telling you to read a book, have a bath, watch telly or practice mindfulness. Always trust your instincts and speak to someone professional.

Don't worry about any daily life problem, your current circumstances, just focus on making sure that your cat/dog is fed. Daily life problems can wait another day until you are feeling in better frame of mind.

Always remember the practicalities of being in crisis : If you are anyone like me, your concentration goes completely out the way.

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