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Things to take care of before I die?

I want to make things as easy as possible after I'm gone. I've already planned a couple of things..

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- I'll be cancelling any bills/services in my name and closing my bank accounts. I'll be leaving any money I have left in cash to my family (I don't have much).

-Not planning on writing a note. This is pretty unorthodox but I'm planning on calling my mom before I do it and explaining. I feel it'll be best this way. I can explain that I'm of sound mind and not thinking irrationally/impulsively. I'll tell her not to worry or be sad, and to just let go. I will also send a text to my ex-wife and let her know the reasons I'm doing this, as I'm sure she will hear the news one way or another.

Anything I'm missing?
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Hi Societytime

I've edited your post as it goes against the guidelines here. Don't fret, we're editing stuff all the time but maybe take a look at the rules and guidelines etc at the top of the forum okay?

I'm sorry you're in such a dark place. It's a shitty place to be. SF is a pro life site so nobody here will give you advice on what/how to kill yourself.

But we can certainly talk about what brought you here and if there's anything we can do to help you to feel a little better. Do you want to say some more about what's happening in your life to make you feel like this?
Hi @societytime. Welcome to the forums. I'm sorry you're feeling this bad at the moment. A lot of us on the forums have been where you are.

Suicide is never the answer. There are options for treatment to help you feel better. Do you want to talk a bit about what is making you feel so bad? Sometimes talking can help.

Stay safe. I hope you can feel better soon. Sending hugs *brohug.
Hi @societytime. sorry you are in such a bad place right now. I’m there with you and have been massively struggling with strong suicidal thoughts recently. But I have reached out for help. It’s taking time and it’s not easy to get people to listen but I pushed the boundaries this week, enough to frighten a few people, but I have finally been accepted for seeing a proper dr for help. I don’t want to die, I don’t think so, not really, but sometimes I can’t see another way out. Sometimes all logical thought disappears and the emotions take over. I’m always asked is there one thing that has kept me here this long. So I’m going to ask you. What has kept you here this long? What has made you stay so far?
I’m not going to say it’s easy but reach out, even to a stranger. Sometimes it’s easier to a stranger. My family don’t know, but I reached out to my counsellor who I’ve only ever spoken to over the phone. Perhaps your gp or someone on a crisis support line. Someone who will never judge and who will listen to you. One thing I have found is that there are some amazing people out there who care. Some are right here on SF. Some I’ve found on the phone through crisis lines. My aim is to find someone irl who I can actually turn to and speak to. Perhaps one day that will happen, I’m closer to that than I was but I have had to push and I have had to frighten some people along the way but I’ve also had to talk. That’s the most important thing, talking. We are here with you. Just like I know SF is there for me too. Take care *grouphug2


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welcome to SF @societytime we are a pro-life peer community that cares but never judges. i don't care how you explain it your family will never recover from your suicide. you shouldn't have to live in this much pain but suicide is not the answer. things can get better with the appropriate help. try to call a crises line or emergency services. why not try to get better. please keep talking because we are listening and we do care about you...mike...*console*sadhug*shake

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