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Boarding school is wonderful. The best thing that's ever happened to me. And I've been feeling pretty great, a reason why I haven't been on here in a while.

But then a few days ago a couple little things sent my mood spiraling downwards.

Someone insulted my house and the people in it. I can deal with people insulting me, but I hate it when people insult those I care about. Just don't be a sore loser and use the fact that you lost TWO house competitions as a reason to accuse my house of being terrible and of cheating. We never have and never will cheat- ESPECIALLY not for something like house competition. Yes, we had a slight advantage because we're the largest house and we had a large turnout on those competitions, but the others can put in more effort. We usually lose- we've won like two competitions.

And then someone accidentally took my umbrella- probably mistook it for theirs. And it was raining. Had been raining for the past week.

And I don't even know why- it's not even that bad from my own perspective, but I cracked. I was actually ready to cry. To just crawl into bed and never come back out again. I wanted to SH, even. Stupid, isn't it? I'm so pathetic.

I'm not even upset anymore. I don't even know. It scares me a bit that something so small and insignificant could cause me to slide back down like that.


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Sometimes, the smaller things are the things that brake the camel's back, so to say...glad you are feeling better and hopefully you will talk about how you are feeling before that point next time
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