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    To prepare everyone who is going to read this and maybe try to help me:
    All my sexual relations are open allthough there are two men who I am really close to. I would say I love them. Luckily they are both fine with not being the only one...
    Furthermore I make no secret about being into rough sex. I have no problem at all talking about what I like or dislike - I think that's important if you want to stay satisfied in a relationship
    My Problem: My "boyfried", as he is percieved by our friends, seems so be as openmindet as me, we are sort of on the same...level (like we know, we sense, what the other one is up to)...but somehow I can't get him to talk to me about our sex live.
    "Having sex is something that you DO. you don't talk about it." or so...
    I don't want to make him unomfortable! But there are things I would like to tell him about and I would love to know his opinion. What can I do? I feel a little caught in the situation. It's not a gigantic problem - it's just stupid รณ.o We talk about EVERYTHING. Why not sex?
    What do you think?
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    Talk to him abt sex then
    It is just another topic if he is uncomfortable ask him why
    To have any good relationship one must be willing to discuss whatever it maybe that is causing troubles and sex is just another topic