Things'll Get Brighter, Right?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by scared_and_confused_222, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. There's a song, called Oooh Child by the Five Stairsteps, that says
    "Oooohhhh child, things'll get brighter.
    Oooohhh child, things'll get easier."
    But is it true? I just feel so horrible right now! I really want to cut, even though I know my parents will get mad. But what can they really do? They can't ground me because I don't have friends and I don't go out. They'd yell at me and that'd be it. They'd ground me, sure, but it wouldn't do anything. I really want to take my arm and slice it up. Put cuts all up and down the part below the elbow. It'd make me feel so much better.
    I don't even know why I'm upset. There's really no reason. I just feel horrible and it's been this way for about a year! I just don't think there's any reason to wait for things to get better when there's no promise that they will.
  2. Hurted

    Hurted Well-Known Member

    Yes, things will get better...
    And please dont cut, it will bring only more pain...

  3. abyss

    abyss Well-Known Member

    i've got scars up and down my arms from cuts and burns that gave me "relief" from those moments when you feel like nothing else can assuage the overwhelming force of your emotions. i would reach a fever pitch sometimes without decernable catalyst and it felt that if i didnt do SOMETHING i would just die. so i cut, i burnt, i bled... yet the feelings came back. everytime. without fail.

    almost a year ago i made a promise to my husband that i wouldnt cut again (don't get me wrong, i'd promised before) but my devotion to him has stayed my hand in the last year. the feeling keeps coming, i think it probably always will, but my promise has given me something to hold to and i've learned i can get through those times without harming myself.

    you can too, i promise.
  4. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    I love that song, 'oooo child, things are gonna get easier...' It's an inspirational song, but are things really going to get better? Maybe, maybe not. But please don't slice your arm up. Cutting gives temporary relief, because it releases pain killer hormones, but it will leave you with awful scars. It's the worst way to numb the pain. Please don't give up. :hug:
  5. ecorg911

    ecorg911 Active Member

    Hey, I am new hear, althoguh your post really appealed to me. And the best advice I can give on thei subject is focus your feeling/emotions on another source or form, something that is constructive, but isnt going to cuase any hamr to you or other around you.
  6. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    I use to cut and then one day I sat back and thought about what I was doing. I decided it wasn't doing anything except leaving scars. The only thing That came close was it let me vent and let the bad thoughts mingle with the blood I was loosing. That only lasted for a little while and then it didn't help anymore.
    If you get into therapy you will learn how to deal with the thoughts that are dragging you down. And try a group therapy,(I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD TELL ANYONE TO TRY GROUP). I had bad experiences from the two different ones I tried. It helps some people and not people with the problems I have..
    You have a whole life ahead of you, places to go, people to meet. Try volunteering at an animal shelter, it might help you to be a little more socialable. The pets there really love having someone who cares take them walking. I did it years ago and enjoyed it. Good Luck!!:chopper:!!
  7. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member


    I didn't know that.

    Was only aware of the self-harm thingy people do because they thought they "deserved it" psychological (fallacious) reasoning.

    I still ain't going THERE, though. It's just not me.

    And God it sometimes it seems to take FOREVER when you get on the AD merrygoround.... but goddamnit I ain't quittin'. Where's why.

    I've SEEN long, stable times in my life before. Well, I'm holding out because recovery is a fact--it does happen.

    No sui-cui for this guy. Life has this almost spooky way of turning on a dime for your sometimes when you LEAST expect it.

    Maybe you snag that new job. Maybe you meet a really special person.

    You never know, OP, but if you're dead then that's it. Not even the merest chance should you actually give up.

  8. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    Things can be brighter as the song suggests but there are no guarantees as to if or when. I hope you can find an alternative to SI. It may help temporarily but in the long run only becomes another issue to deal with and try to overcome. Don't give up after working so hard. :hug:
  9. abyss

    abyss Well-Known Member

    *note: still not condoning SI*

    as someone who has done it for years i could list you off a plethora of different reasons why i felt i needed to cut besides as 'punishment'. it can be a complicated and very persuasive impulse. and often a very hard one to get past.

    but even if its a struggle every day, i'm still proud that i don't have any new scars and i encourage anyone struggling with the impulse to push through by whatever healthy means you can (therapy, meds, willpower, accountability, contracts, etc...)
  10. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    My sister cannot wear short sleeves in public.

    She's a shizophenic and cutter both. That ol' girl is almost 60 and God she looks like a damn slicing board now. I understand, yet I don't understand. I just have to shake my head and look away. She understands that I cannot relate and am pained by the sight. I so love her.

    I do, I love her dearly and it hurts me so bad. This self-injury coping mechanism REALLY has to be worked around if if possible, else you will wind up looking her or dead.

    :sad: -JOHN-
  11. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    Must say this. I was rocked to hear this, coming from a person ostensibly responsible for instilling hope, not implanting doubt.

    Guarantees, guarnschmees -- hell life itself guarantees you nothing, except for the change to live it. I believe that a positive outlook on one's life mandates a gurantee of hope.

    It'll get better Scared. Never, never, never buy into a mentality that "hope promised to no one." You keep fight for life. Living requires it.

    - JOHN -
  12. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    John, no one, not even gentlelady can guarantee that someone's life will get better. All you can really do is not give up hope that things might get better. But I can understand that after so many years, a person may not be so optimistic anymore.
  13. Aleth

    Aleth Well-Known Member

    Your life might get better, but there are no guarantees.

    "Might" is such a horrible word. What does that mean anyway?--a 1 in 5 chance, a 1 in a million chance. Add "might" to a sentence and a negative person will just apply their own odds to it and render it meaningless!

    Its better just to lie with an old "things will get better." Which will always spark a volley of objections. :wink:
  14. diver200

    diver200 Senior Member

    Make sure you really want to know the answer to that question. You may not like the real answer. We simply have to make do, and do the best we can. Life is a roller coaster.
  15. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    LOL. Dave I just said that life itself guarantees you nothing.

    It is true you know, that hope does springs eternal unless one chooses not even to try.

    I'm with Aleth. I want to see the encouragement of a positive outlook. Make not mistake, a forum can go either way--life affirming or it can subtely lead to a pro-suicide, toxic air of philosophy.

    When dealing with menally ill or chanllenged patients, one absolulely must not waver on this.

    This is very import.
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