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Think I have a melanoma...


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Hi guys,

So last night I was in the shower and I noticed a weird spot on my chest. Its like a large blood blister or bloody pimple. In fact I would think it would be a large pimple if it wasnt purple with blood and so large. Also I dont get pimples very often at all.

I looked up pictures of melanomas on the net and it kind of looks like them, kind of not. Its about 7mm in width and previously there was no mole there. Doesnt hurt unless I press on it, like a blind pimple.

Should I get it checked out?


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yes of course! not to make you panic but stuff like that is always better to have checked out. you cant lose by going to a doctor. if it was to be melanoma, they can treat it before it becomes serious. if you waited though, it could spread EXTREMELY fast and then you'd have a problem


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Definitely get it checked out! It could be aomething or nothing but it is always better to be safe than sorry! Hope the app goes well when you make one. Keep us updated xxxx

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