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Thinking about ending it all..again.

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Planning to OD on <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods> on Monday. I have my neice's graduation on Saturday so I can't do it before then. I don't want to ruin this special day for her. But I get home from my neice's Sunday night and my mom will be out of the house Monday so I will be alone. She finally trusts me enough to leave me at home alone now, even so close after my hospitalization. I was thinking about checking myself into the hospital earlier in the week, but now, all I want to do is die.

Stay strong, my beauties. xx
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hey :hug: whats making you feel like this :( your niece will not remember her graduation if you do this on monday - i can only hazard a guess but i would imagine it would devastate her :unsure: whats going on hun? can you please speak with the hospital again :hug:


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I feel your pain, in a similar position myself. I can't face hospital, was offered this morning. Feel like I've lost my fight. That being said I'm still better than yesterday so there must be some hope :)
thinking of you x
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