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Thinking about going to hospital but scared

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Hi all,

I think I need some advice here. Despite being on meds and seeing a therapist I think it has come to the point where I need to go to someplace where I can be dosed up and just feel safe for a while, and just speak to people . I am thinking about going to hospital but I am not sure what happens there.

To be frank I have heard a lot of reports of hospitals being terrible places for suicidal people.

I live in Australia, has anyone been to hospital here for similar reasons? What did you think? Did it help?
I haven't been to hospital in Australia, I live in the UK now. I was feeling extremely suicidal a few weeks ago and went to the A&E. They were actually really, really good. I saw a doctor straight away, and was given a bed and shortly the Mental Health team came along, to talk about how i was feeling. They were very supportive. I ended up staying in that night and most of the next day, before being discharged to the community mental health team. I am now seeing them daily, either at my home, or at their clinic in the hospital. They are on call 24/7, so I can call anytime I need to talk, and they can get me straight into the hospital if they feel I need it or I feel unsafe. They are referring me to a psychiatrist, and will keep seeing me daily for another few weeks until they feel secure seeing me once or twice a week. They are also changing my meds and things, as they have GP's as well.
I have actually ended up back in the hospital for one night, as i was feeling very down and wanted to self harm, and the doctors and nurses were all so supportive and they let me go home the next day after seeing the psych team.
If I hadn't gone to the A&E that night, I was planning on killing myself, I had everything ready, and even though I am still severely depressed now, i have support to help me, and think I'm on the road to recovery.
I hope that helps. I was scared of being in hospital, being badly treated by the staff, or being stuck there and not allowed to leave, but it has helped me tremendously.
I hope that helps, and I hope you are feeling better.
If you ever need to talk, PM me.
Hugs, Jessie.
Also, in UK I have found a foundation called Maytree, who do short stays for suicidal people. They are charity run, and they have 4 rooms in a house with a big garden where people can just go and stay if they need to get away for a few days to a safe place. I am trying to arrange a stay there in a few weeks time. See if you have anything similar in Australia. It is called the Mayfair Foundation. If you don't want to be hospitalised, this sort of thing may help.


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Hi, Shock. I'm sorry, I don't know what happens in Australia, but I want you to know that you're being heard on the forum.

Have you called your doc and/or therapist to say that you're feeling this badly? He/she/they could tell you what will happen if you are admitted. Your doc might want to arrange a hospital stay or have alternative suggestions to keep you safe.

If you are in crisis atm, please call a crisis line or go to the hospital right now so they can help you.

Thinking of you and hoping you're staying safe.


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I just rang Life Line and they said that hospital would not take me without referral from a GP and that the only other option was to go to a paid retreat, which I cannot afford. This is really bad news, feel really let down. Guess I'm on my own


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Wow, that sounds really harsh. I would think the ER would keep you until you are safe/not a danger to yourself.

Perhaps call your doc's office now and leave a message that you are in crisis right this minute...?

And you can always stay around here for a while too. There's usually a few people to PM or chat with at all hours.


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sorry all dont think i can make it. i thought i could rely on hospital for back up. serious blow to my control of this situation to find out otherwise. i just can make it now. i am just going do it


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Shock, the Life Line person could be wrong. How about just heading to the hospital and finding out for yourself what they can do to help you?



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i agree with Acy!!! my drs. hospital injected me twice with anti anxiety meds and put me on a anti anxiety drip for 2 hrs. i felt like a new person leaving the hospital.
also tweeked my meds and ive been doing great.
just go to A and E as your sickness is as serious as any other life threatening one.


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Go to the emergency department hun. I dont know the system in Australia but if you go to the emergency department they should refer you to the on duty mental health team xxxx
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