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Thinking, feeling or doing..

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These are the basic human, behaviors.

When we are thinking we are often selfish. People who express their pain to others are often judged and written off as whining, complaining, being 'emo' or even 'blowing things out of proportion', etc. At the end of the day individuals only know their own pain therefore it's easy to minimize, be unaware or at worst ignorant to someone else's suffering.

I feel we should all do our best to be cognizant of other's suffering. To some degree we are almost all sociopaths only concerned about our self involved interests while lacking empathy for others. This could even be someone cheating on their spouse or having no qualms about harming someone else, in a way they view as not being 'that bad'

This is a sign of a sociopath minimizing things such as "I only broke his legs, when I could have killed him"

Being worried about a shade of nail or how hot we look in certain clothes, while people are starving to death or dying slowly of treatable diseases. Even people who want more, more, more from a better car, more expensive clothes to a nicer house. What are all those material things going to do for you?

Humans are selfish creatures, this is why I believe in psychological egoism, which is the idea that all acts are motivated by self interest. Moral, admirable and pure traits such as kindness are used in ways so we feel better about ourselves or are recognized by others for being kind. Even through compassion we project ourselves onto the person which reveals our own vulnerabilities, we want to relieve someone else's suffering because it relates to us.

People who are spiritually enlightened should know that we in the universe are all one. So many people in this day in age are all caught up searching the world for differences to set us apart from each other, when we are all very much alike. Even stuff like revenge is all too common, revenge is selfish and egotistical. At the end of the day there is no such thing as doing something wrong to make a right because you have to hurt someone in some way shape or form whether it be psychologically, physically or even mortally.

In the Shakespeare play the Hamlet it is shown that the world is no better off by seeking revenge, innocent people get hurt and it just makes everything worse.

Intimacy is nice because it brings us into there here and now, we are in a state of feeling and doing we do not think about our problems.

Anyways that's my vent for the evening.
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