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Thinking of camping on a hiking trail

Any avid hikers here willing and able to help me prepare?

I'm in South Florida but it doesn't have much to offer in the way of hiking.
(besides swamps, scrub brush, mosquitos, rednecks, heat and humidity)

There's the Appalachian Trail, which I'm considering, in a 420 legal State.

Are there any good hiking trails in Illinois, the closest legal State?

What basic supplies and skills will I need to pull this off?

Also, is there anyone else here interested in doing this?


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Not a camper, but I love hiking.

I found that a good thermos that holds hot liquids is a MUST. I mean, if you're a coffee drinker like me. There's nothing like a long, breezy hike and a cup of joe! Makes everything so much better!


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I've gone on some short day hikes. I find dressing in layers to be helpful, that way I can always take off layers as it warms up.
What basic supplies and skills will I need to pull this off?
For a day hike, I'd say: water, food, sturdy shoes/boots, backpack with aid kit, whistle(for help). A map and compass might also be helpful if trails are not marked.

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