Thinking of cutting ties with so-called friends

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Mordeci, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. Mordeci

    Mordeci Banned Member

    So since school started I actually made some headway in the socializing department and got 'in' with a group of people. The problem is that I have come to realize that they are not only not my kind of people but not even that nice a group of people. First off one of the people in the group goes out of his way to embarss me on a regular basis, secondly as a group they got togerther and for lack of a better term plotted to get this girl to dump her boyfriend, so one of them can make a pass at her which I was mortififed about, seems very underhanded and low class to me. Also they are partiers and heavy drinkers, which isn't my thing, plus they are really sex obsessed, like they are 15. I was hoping to find someone to go to concerts with and watch a movie with, not get drunk with and try to get laid with. So I am contemplating just cutting contact with them and trying to find a new group, but I might end up being alone so I am very nervous about the idea.
  2. foreverforgotten

    foreverforgotten Well-Known Member

    you mean high school or college?
  3. Mordeci

    Mordeci Banned Member

    Grad school, pesonally I am too old to be dealing with these kind of people
  4. Borrowed time*

    Borrowed time* Well-Known Member

    If you don't enjoy hanging around with them and they are doing things which make you feel bad I would certainly break contact.
  5. DeepEmz

    DeepEmz Well-Known Member

    You are defintely better off cutting contact with them, before they start wanting you to follow in their footsteps. They are acting very childish and i know its scary but being alone is better than hanging around with people who make you unhappy.. besides you have us !
  6. Madam Mim

    Madam Mim Well-Known Member

    I also think it's best to cut ties with these people. They sound shallow and immature, and just generally not the sort of people you should be associated with. Although it's a scary prospect to back off from your main group of friends, be assured that you will make new friends, who hopefully have more in common with you. And try to remind yourself that even being alone would be better than getting involved with these idiots.

  7. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    Go for it. I've done this all the time and it's brilliant! And you never know, you might enjoy being alone- being around people who aren't for you can drive you nuts. It's happened to me.
  8. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    Well, you don't need to burn all bridges on your way out or anything- but it's easy to just stop hanging around people.

    I have known a few people to completely go all out on an angry rampage before 'cutting ties' with so called friends--- and they tend to make alot of vengeful enemies. It's better to just fade out peacefully, I think...

    But if it's people who don't make you feel good- then yes, it's a good idea to make new friends and swap out.
    Adult lifestyle calls for adult friends, in my opinion. Not a bunch of babies in the bodies of adults but real, responsible adults! haha
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