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    I've just been thinking a lot lately, even more so then usual. Sometimes I find myself remembering that I had a sister. It is not that I have forgotten, but the whole situation seems like another life and since then I've changed so much. Inside I am almost a new person. I can vaguely remember what that stranger used to be like, but I can't imagine myself like that anymore. And I just two months I have undergone a drastic change. in just two months my life changed. And then I think about how my sis was only 23 when she took herself. Only 23. I think about everything she will never see, every experience she will never experience. I think about all the things she hasn't done in life and I think about all the things she could have done and it is so sad. She was so young and she had her whole life and now it is nothing. Its crazy to think that she will never come back. has death always been so permanent? It really hurts me inside to know I will never see or talk to her again. never. I never realized what death meant until now. I knew what death was before and I understood, but I didn't know. I would do anything to turn back the hands of time...
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    I am so sorry you lost your sister I do hope you are getting some therapy or counseling to help you deal with your loss. Suicide i know that pain and i am sorry you are feeling it hugs to you
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    thanks eclipse you're a very nice person. not doing any counseling or anything...just trying to deal with it myself