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third attempt

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well i just did this on last friday night, yeah theres not much to say, unfortuanly as u can see im still alive

i just simply took <mod edit-gentlelady: methods>, yep it failed unfortunately

i got nothing else to say
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People do not always understand that a failed suicide attempt can be as depressing as a failed relationship. Of course there is more to the attempt but there is this period of time where the failure makes you feel worse than when you planned the attempt. I have tried 3 times and obviously I am lousy at it but I found with each attempt an increased depression for a little while.

Glad your still here.


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I'm glad you're still here, Robbie, and I'm a little surprised you didn't contact me about it.

You've made a lot of progress over the last two weeks, but it may tke several years for you to get better. Don't give up yet!
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