This day is better then yesterday, how come?

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Today I am feeling better, though I was staying to long in bed, so I get up late. But with the day I feel alright and better then yesterday. Why is this always going up and down, so weird. While the situation did not change yet. Hope I feel better like this as today.

More people with strong up and downs? And how to deal with it, because when you feel worst again it is like that it is stronger every time...



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I think it is because when you have had a good day - the next time you have a down day you had added fear - because you think "oh no, not this again" you have that added on to how you are feeling........

sorry if this doesnt help much- but I know that anxiety is caused mostly by FEAR OF THE FEAR? if that makes sense.....hope it does .... thats what I have read....


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Seize the day when its a good one.

I would not even ASK MYSELF why I felt good - I'd take it just like I'd take a free apple off an apple tree - it's there - it's yours - nobody is being harmed - so ENJOY.

Hornbeam, your quite the philosopher my man (or woman, I know not) and your little description of the anxiety caused by FEAR of the FEAR - is spot on.

For me it makes complete sense - because my fears are trivial - or fears of inevitabilities (deaths of close ones etc.) which are worries that we're best saving for the actual events - IF we outlive others.

Nothing is certain there - so when you have a good day - enjoy it - turn it into a good evening also - hopefully followed by a good life!
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