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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by BOLIAO, Mar 21, 2008.

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    BOLIAO Guest

    I came across this writer's site and he described the curse of the black dog really well:

    As written by Marc Wendelbooya

    The Taker
    You, who made a nemesis of myself
    You took my sanity and turned it into madness
    You took my friends and turned them into strangers
    You took my golden dreams and gave me a nightmare
    You took my health and gave me illness
    You took my laughter and replaced it with tears
    You took my love of life and made me curse the day I was born
    You took my strength and made me vulnerable
    You took my freedom and made me my own prisoner
    You took my passions and turned them into objects of loathing
    You took my intelligence and made me a dullard
    You took my good works and made them abhorrent to me
    You took my vitality and made me slothful
    You took my innocence and made me feel guilty
    You took my confidence and made me a shadow
    You took my beauty and made me ugly
    You took my acceptance and turned it into rejection
    You took my value and made me worthless
    You took my pride and made me a victim
    You took my life, my weeks, my months, my years.
    You took my future and showed me none
    You took my courage and used it all
    You gave me no clues
    You revealed no cause
    You offered no remedy
    Yet you are me, but you don’t feel like me
    You hijacked me
    And I don’t like you very much
    Some may say that I let you
    I say, walk a mile in my shoes.
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    very great job
  4. OMG...I was just shaking my head in utter disbelief at the sheer magnitude of each and every single line...
    I'm just blown away...
    And the last two lines (how many times have I uttered them myself, silently & hopelessly begging others to do so)

    BOLIAO Guest

    I also feel the same. Just one day for others to realize, feel the horrific hell that we are going through in our minds.
  6. ...and to finally STOP giving out stupid advice (which we've all heard in countless variations...) :mad:
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    thank you for sharing :hug: i like it!
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