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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by cpg_down, Sep 17, 2015.

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  1. cpg_down

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    I am angry, mostly for the part that I suspect I won't be able to just end this. I've been searching online for hours. Has anyone had luck with this? I was self admitted into a hospital, but I believe this ends up becoming an involuntary hold since it was under 72 hours. Does anyone know how this can be verified?

    I hate being here. I loathe being here. I've tried enough by this age that I know when it is time to call it quits. Things NEVER get better. We're never asked to be born, and had I known how this was going to turn out, I would have gone through with this 5 years ago. Not a day goes by where I don't think about it if I only had the means.

    I also feel I have absolutely no one I can talk with that won't get me committed, arrested or force me to go on living with an even more screwed up life. I just want to end myself, why is that so hard to understand? "Life isn't easy." I'm so sick of hearing the side talk. Leave life for everyone else then, I don't care. I'm as awful as they get and just let me get out of here.
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    If you are in the hospital and evaluated , yes it can go from self to involuntary if you try to leave and it is there opinion you are still a danger to yourself or others. So far as it "becoming an involuntary hold" I really do not know what you mean - nobody ever knows you were in hospital except your providers and the terms are irrelevant- nobody has access to any of your medical records but you and the people you authorize or the actual provider of course.

    I would suggest using the time in the hospital if still there to talk to the people there - so far as nobody asked to be born - yes true , and trees are green and sky and water are blue etc it all just is. - Its all a pointless waste of time to be concerned about "fair" and "asked to"- it just is. And since it just is you can make a lot of choices about how to deal with it and participate and your choices effect what you get out of it far more than anybody else's. When not happy in the situation you are in in life the drs can offer meds and counseling , but only you have the power or ability to make changes in the situation to turn it into something less miserable. I hope you decide to put your energy into that route.
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    "Life isn't easy." I hear you and i agree life is not easy for so many of us and some it can become so unbearable but what YOU chose to do with you life can make it less painful
    Helping others volunteer keep busy don't let your mind stay in such a dark place Hospital will only keep you short term so like said use the time there to get supports in place in the community to help you I am sorry you feel no one is listening but we are here keep talking ok it helps to know you are not alone
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