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This helps me, and it might help you too

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by nothing-, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. nothing-

    nothing- Guest

    i have felt pretty bad about my life lately. no friends, no job, no girlfriend whatsoever. my life was and still is going nowhere. i was thinking about suicide every day.

    i started to think. i came up with a mindstate that helps me a lot with living and my suicidal feelings. the funny thing is that it actually embraces suicide.

    i just tell myself that no matter what happens and no matter how bad my life gets, it ultimately doesn't matter. life is only a temporary thing, and you might as well try to make the best of it. no matter how horrible my life may get, i am going to just keep living. i try to kill the feelings of hopelessness, which were my main reason for feeling suicidal.

    i still keep the option of suicide open, but it is only an absolute last resort. unless i end up in prison for life, or something else that is _truly_ hopeless, i may as well keep going.

    life is only a temporary thing. there are going to be highs and lows. in 100 years nothing we say or do is going to matter at all. we may as well just live life and take what happens to us.
  2. Stray Kitten

    Stray Kitten Active Member

    I think that's a pretty important thing to accept, although just because a lifespan may be short, doesn't mean that things we say or do in that time will be meaningless as time goes on.

    However, I agree that even if it looks bleak, as long as you're alive there's a chance it will pick up again.
  3. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Nothing I'm really pleased if that philosophy can work for you but sadly it's not easy as said than done otherwise none of us would be in the state we're in and be feeling depressed at all.The fact is that if we could all just say and do what you said we'd of done it like flicking a switch,I'm not condemning you at all it's just the mere fact that when someone is feeling so depressed saying the words well life is so short I have to try and live it rarely does the job sadly.
    Obviously when one is feeling reasonably in a good state of mind things like lets party etc seem to hit a high note.it is very hard and unless those who have been in such positions of despair and depression etc can only know what the true feelings of desperation mean.Coping strategies and techniques are all wonderful ideas but still we pretty much find them quite hard to adapt to especially in the most difficult of times.
  4. nothing-

    nothing- Guest

    well yes, this isn't going to just cure anyone. trust me, i know all about feelings of despair and depression. i still feel highly depressed and mentally unstable, and my problems which cause the depression are still there. i'm just saying it helped me stop dwelling on the idea of suicide so much. it used to cause me so much despair just for the fact that i was thinking so much about killing myself.

    i am trying to eliminate suicide as an option for myself.
  5. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Nothing I seriously as much as anyone want you to eliminate suicide as an option and I think it's absolutely wonderful that you're trying your best to do whatever you can.Also I want you to know that you can always talk to me and really understand that you surely understand the feelings of despair and depression especially as you've felt the feelings of suicide.
    As this has helped you stop dwelling on the feelings of suicide I'm willing to share with you and anyone else all the thing's I've been taught to try and deal with the horrible feelings and moments.
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