This is a thread about how much I hate everybody.

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  1. TooShyToScream

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    I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this will think I'm an asshole, but I don"t care.

    I hate my fiance's asshole dad calling me his "girlfriend" all the time. We're engaged. I'm not his fucking girlfriend. Fucking piece of shit always bitches about everything and anything he can think of. Fucking complains about how the lights are always on, and when they're not on, he complains that "he doesn't live in a cave" and wants them on. Always paranoid as fuck about the house catching on fire, someone breaking in, etc. Or complains how "the dryer runs too much" - Okay. Blame your wife for that. She's the one running it every day. I do laundry once a week. Fucking dickhead. I'm only nice to you because I have to be. And after all that complaining about saving electricity, he leaves the goddamn TV on when the dog is home alone (or even when it's not) because he's afraid it will get scared, since it usually hears the TV on while people are home. Moron. It's a dog. A fucking DOG. It'll be fine without the TV. You leave all the lights on for it too, and then it just goes in the bedroom and sits in the fucking dark anyway. As if that's not enough, that damn dog gets fed bacon and mcdonalds and shit. Every time they cook meat - steak, chicken, what have you, that spoiled piece of shit gets some of it. What happened to dogs eating dog food? They care more about that dog than their own family. My fiance's mom doesn't hesitate to offer her own son who's battling an addiction to opiates a fucking hydromorphone pill. And then I'm the one who has to spend 2 and a half hours talking him out of it, crying, and worrying about him relapsing. And she invites 5+ people over all the fucking time knowing I have social anxiety. She doesn't give a fuck. And then I have to hide out in the goddamn bedroom and not even be able to go out to the fucking bathroom to take a piss when I need to. All these people care about is themselves. And except for my mom, my family is no better either. Just a bunch of shallow, insensitive fucking pricks. I can't stand people. I can't stand living. I just want to die.
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  2. Stormrider

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    Hey, I don't know evertying about the situation, so if i'm just gonna try to say something on the part i've read here.

    It seems like you're living with your fiance with his parents ?
    If so and you just can't get along with his parents, but things between you and him are fine then it's maybe an good idea to talk to him to rent or even buy someplace for the 2 of you ?

    Living with people you don't like is hell and i'm sure it isn't doing any good for you're relationship either.
  3. TooShyToScream

    TooShyToScream Well-Known Member

    We have to stay here for the winter. His car sucks in the snow and he has to be close to work. Also, I'm perfectly polite to everyone. We don't really have any problems outwardly. Just this was all inside my head and I needed to let it out cause I can't tell it to them, have to keep putting on a fake face.
  4. Stormrider

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    Don't know how close he is with his parents, but you should be able to talk with him about it. Offcourse if he's very close with them then it makes it difficult.
    If it's just for the winter then it might be good to just hang in there and not to start troubles, as long as you can handle it that way.
    I was never really close with my parents(but it's fine for me that way) so i never really understand people who are very close with their parents, it's just a bit strange to me.

    Either way you'll be very happy when you're leaving there and have some more personal space. Hang on till then. :cool:
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    dont feel like an asshole for saying that. we all think that sometimes but we arnt brave enough to say it.