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This is an outrage!

Should the e-zine section come back?

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You can't just do away with a forum section! I visited there -every day- and now I'm deprived! This is an outrage! This is madness!

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If it doesn't get any traffic then what's the point? If it costs money to maintain the site and that part is costing money (not sure whether it does, but *if*) with barely any traffic at all, then no. Unless you have a more than generous donation to offer Alison, of course.


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There is no e-zine anymore, so why is there a need for the e-zine forum? I vote no don't bring it back.

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Have you thought about just starting your own e-zine, aoeu? It sounds like the original was pretty much dead to begin with (I didn't even know it existed until now), and it's clearly very important to you for some reason.


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skinny and me have never been used in the same sentence before...even tho it was referring to jeans i'm just going to ignore that part... ;)
I don't see a problem. Although there might have been a few members who used that part of the forum, the demand was not enough.

I think if there is proper genuine interest for more then a few days, I don't see a problem brining it back, but people were not really committed enough so it died out...
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