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well, i wanted to share something positive here. something that has never happened in my life before. so why am i here in bullying? cause it has to do with my son who has been being bullied now for two years.

my son is 12 and like i said he has been being bullied for the last two years. he is an absolute sweetheart (he'll make a good husband someday), and doesn't deserve all this. no one does for that matter. anyways, last year this couple of boys had been picking on him relentlessly and he finally had enough and stood up to one of these boys. when he did this the father of this one boy inparticular kept trying to get my son arrested. this boy was telling his dad that my son was doing things that he wasn't. this only made things worse for him none the less.

my son stayed away from the library all summer, which it is his favorite hangout, just so that it didn't create anymore problems. i felt so bad for him and felt powerless as far as what i could do as a mother. well, the boys go to the same school as him but the school has arranged their classess and lunch and everything so that they can stay away from each other.

this year it's gone somewhat better as far as that boy is concerned but in the last three weeks this boys older brother had begun to harrass my son. he chased him about five blocks all the way to my sons dads house. yesterday, he spotted my son again, this time he was just walking to the park, and he started chasing him again. this time he managed to catch him only cause my son tried to turn around. the older boy grabbed him by the back of his shirt and threw him to the ground where he hit and scraped up his elbow on the way down. now there was another kid with them who saw the entire thing.

last nite i decided it was time to press charges. i had had it with this family and they were'nt going to put their hands on my son again. so we went to the police. i'm not crazy about doing this based on my own experience cause they just ended up screwing me and justice was never served. well, last nite was different.

this boy lied to the police about what happened so i began to think again justice would not prevail, but he did tell the officer the kid who was with him when the attack happened. the police called me shortly again the first call telling me they got a hold of that boy who was the witness and he told the police the very same story that my son told them. so now it is official. the boy who committed the assault now has an assault charge pressed against him thanx to there being a witness who spoke the truth.

i've never known what it feels like to finally see someone have to account for what they have done, but i must and want to say this. it feels damn good to know it does happen. and it couldn't have happened for a sweeter kid than my son. my son felt really really good about the charge as well, and i am thankful that he has got to experience something good like this. he does deserve this. anyways, i just wanted to share something good that came from bullying when we just stood up for him. please take care


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HURRAH you nailed the bastard.

My son was bullied at school so I know just how infuriating and frustrating it is when you can't protect them.. SCORE ONE for the good guys!!!!


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You Did Awesum! Well Done

When 1 of my friends was being Bullied I went and knocked the Guy Cold.
It make me just as bad as he was :sad:


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I remember when I was in 6th year, I was being bullied over and over...and one day, during the morning get together in the quad, I just smacked him hard as I could in the jaw...The bullying stopped, but it did make feel a little sad that I had to sink to that level.
That's great! I'm really happy for both of you! :)

Bullying is a horrible thing, so it's great to hear that finally something's been done about it!!


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No one deserves to be bullied, they are abuse in its entirety.
Hey , be an advocate to others the way you handle it.

If it works it should be definitely pass around.

Job well done.
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