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This is For a friend

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I have a friend in deep trouble. He is extremely emotional and got caught up in a girl although they never went out they were friends. He fell in love with her an a year after "the incident" all he talks about is her and how life would be great with her. Now it all started when he was so eager to talk to her he told her about her own suprise party...As u can imagine all her friends flipped on him screamed at him and and being very emotional he went nuts himself, he went to the counslers, wouldn't listen to them so they had to call me outta school to help him. I am always there for him and That is no nuissance to me at all, I will be there for him whenever he needs, but I am sure I am the only one there for him which scares me sometimes. Hes been torn by this event and over this girl ever since and this year its getting scary. Lately he has even admitted to me he was suicidal. He said there is no meaning anymore, Thanksgiving sucked, Christmas would be worse, No one likes him cause its just who he is, things will never get better. After talking to him for a while he admitted to me he was suicidal and i thought if i just stick with him we can get through it. But today i saw him for the first time after holiday break and oo boy. He got nothing for christmas, nothing....his mom couldnt give him his present cause she had to pay a bill, so i said how was new years, he said he had to go to his dads and his dad was drunk (hes gotten DWI's and so on). He even said why should I stay here if i can be in heaven, he said "Im on a timetable". Now Im always there for him, I always strive to make him feel better, I do everything in my power, I listen to him, I offer him answers, but one thing I can't do is lay out his life and put him back on track, its beyond me. I must've lefted out other things but you guys get the idea. We spoke about therapy and when I asked him how it was going weeks later he really had nothing to say except its not helping which made me feel like he never even bothered to go... The problem is he won't tell a therapist his problem cause he is embarrased that it is over a grl (which I can understand), but really it has spread out and I dont want to tell him abrupt its more things, its ur family and its ur feelings on life. I'm not one to say this, all my friends come to me with their problems, I help all of them and I am always there for anyone, but for once I'm saying I just don't know what to do anymore....Im scared for him. I need some guidance as to how to help him, I thought this was the best place to come,

Thank you everyone, it is very appreciated
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don't make him feel bad or guilty about wanting to die.. just try to make him see the brightside.. but do not make him feel weak for being suicidal.. thats even worst..

hmm.. thats all i've got..
good luck..
OO i do not make him feel weak at all, I actually really concentrate on making him stronger, I always talk about how hes tough and strong to have a solid hardowrking Job in the middle of highschool craziness, I could really never do that, Hes also gotten student of the month at times so i bring that out, he dresses top notch also and all the grls kno that And I tell him that too but nothing seems to get through,

I just can't seem to help him see the brightside, everytime I come up with something, its followed by a new worse thing that has happened to him that totally kills the effect

Thank you for your response I really appreciate the help
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