this is for demuredawn and my husband Abdul or like i've said, for dawn:))

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by eve1, Nov 14, 2013.

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  1. eve1

    eve1 Member


    i'm not a psycho b**ch, i'm your butterfly

    oh no, don't be worried, and don't be sorry

    there's still some strength in me, to
    - wait you out -

    till you are ready, to leave the fear behind


    kick start your life, making mine from scratch --
    making my day, making my morning bright, and
    - my night -

    the past is dead, my darling, it cannot hurt you now...
    -- now --

    is up to me to wait it out, and future is whenever
    -- you --

    take that leap!

    hidden dragon crouching tiger style, and, realize

    that you can fly...

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  2. demuredawn

    demuredawn Well-Known Member

    ty eve.... very nice sentiment/message... sometimes i need to be reminded that i can escape the "crap" in my life/mind and that there are ppl out there willing to be my friend even if i dont think i deserve them...
  3. eve1

    eve1 Member

    you deserve all the best honey, reach for it and it's yours, but until you get the best, i hope i will do:D
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