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This is gonna sound weird.

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Deathly Strike

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But I've fallen in love with a girl I've never met, and now I fear I'm going to lose her.

I've known her for well over a year, and although we've arranged to meet plenty of times, we both put it off. Lately, I've realised how strong my feelings are for her and when I told her, she confirmed she had similar feelings for me. For once, I thought I everything was going right. Y'know - finding happiness which in my life is extremely rare. Anyway, the other day she told me she had got with someone at a party and apparently they're gonna be giving it a go. I'm gutted, well and truly. I ain't felt like this for nobody before, and I was on her Myspace and came across some comments and reading it just killed me - it feels like my hearts been ripped out and torn in two. But this isn't the first time its happened, and on top of everything else going on in my life it's made me feel like crap. I'm seriously considering suicide - I don't know what to do...


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I too have fallen in love with a girl like that... We tried to meet up once, which failed miserably, quite a funny story, but that's for another time. She always tried to escape meeting up, I always tried to get her that far, never happened... Anyway, eventually she got with someone, crushed me completely.

To make a long story short, I can relate. I am emotionally.. not worth over the ten cents I just tossed into this conversation, so I won't be giving you any tips, unfortunately. Just wanted to let you know that I can relate and if you want to talk, my PM box is open as long as I'm not put under moderation.
It doesn't sound weird. You can fall in love over the internet and I can imagine how hurt you must be feeling. It was pretty insensitive for this girl to say she had similar feelings then to announce she is now going out with another guy, she shouldn't have raised your hopes like that and then to completely smash them. You could try talking to the girl and let her know how hurt you're feeling. If it hurts for you to be in contact with her and to see her on myspace then maybe it will be a benefit for you to cut her out of your life. Yes it sounds harsh, but if it causes you pain to know she is with another guy, and to still be in contact with her then that may be the best thing to do. Likelihood is you will feel better about this in time, this is all fresh happenings and that's why it is hurting to much right now. I suggest you give yourself time. :hug:
It's not weird, it's pretty normal. An online relationship is still a relationship, with real feelings and real people. But you miss out on a lot, such as body language and mannerisms. It is so easy to quickly get into intimate conversations online that it's just ridiculous.

Someone recently stole my heart and broke it also, sadly.. I never felt that way about anymore before.

I have the pain of knowing that I fell in love with someone who isn't any good for me. Perhaps your pain is based on the feeling that you may never know if she was any good for you. That is a difficult kind of regret that I have experienced myself before.. I alluded to it in another post I made.
My guess is that you are fairly young. Things do get somewhat easier as you get older, which doesn't do you any good right now. Most likely you are better off. Agreeing with the people above, she was lying about her feelings towards you. And if she lied over something as important as that what else would she lie about? I don't imagine it would have been a good relationship. Take it from me, I fell in love with a woman online when I was in high school. But I was immature and took advantage of things I shouldn't have. And now she hates me for what I did to her. Not sure if that helps. Good luck.

Deathly Strike

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They're officially going out.

There's photos of them snogging each other, and holding hands, and crap. I really feel like topping myself now. I even had a knife out last night incase it got too much. I don't know what to do. It's just tearing me apart.

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what happens if one of your kills yourself and the other one lives?

Pacts so regularly go wrong.

Your friend will miss you if he lives, as will anyone else that knows you I am sure.

I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. Remember that SF can help if you let us.

Hang in there
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