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this is it...

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hun please stay with us. were here for you. in time youll find that SF is a place full of really nice caring kind ppl. and were all here for u. please reply to this or pm me.like i said this place is good to get out or feelings and talk to ppl. cause alot of us are going through the same thing. so hun please take care.


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I have to wait until tomorrow. F**k it. I feel to guilty to let my classmates down. But when our assignment is finished, I'll go.


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What was it that changed you from feeling depressed, to wanting to end it?

Were all here for you, will you please give us some time to try and help?


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I've been suicidal for about 6 years, so its nothing new. I have no idea what happened, but I've started harming myself again and I'm just so tired.
I'm not really depressed anymore, but I haven't been able to really "live" again.
I finally manage to get good grades again, and have a lot of good friends, but I'm not enjoying it.
I hate myself for wanting to die, because my life is quite good now. The only thing I'm missing is someone to love, and thats no big deal.
I really want to live, but my thought are killing me..
Hey rukia, i see you are from Norway too.
I want to take my life everyday, but i just can't do it.
It's like i always say it's enough but i keep on going,
Carry On!
You will find the light in your life!
Reegards from someone that care about you


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I'm not sure how I'm feeling today.
I'm so f***ing calm, and that usually means that I'm ready to go. When I'm so down I kind of lose myself and let my body decide. Can only hope that I survive the day. Hate this feeling!


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Calm is good isnt it.

I think comparing yourself with people that live worse than you helps.

What about finding a goal for yourself. Not that i know anything about your life.


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Calm isn't good at all, not that kind of calm anyway.
It's not that my life sucks or anything, I know that I should be happy, but I can't help wanting to die.


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I'm not going to take my life. Not yet anyway.
My grandmother ended up on hospital today, so I can't give my father any more worries.
It's strange how I mange to be strong for others, when I can't even live for me.


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How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

I think there is a problem somewhere if you want to die. Maybe your lonely?

I wanna die most of the times but im trying to hold on.
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